Smart Goals for Administrative Assistant Examples & Samples

As an administrative assistant you need to be very organized. One missed meeting or forgetting to give an important message to your boss could mean a huge financial loss. Many industries including teachers and business owners use SMART goal setting. As an administrative assistant you should also use SMART goal setting.

SMART is an acronym that stands for:


Specific is the initial stage of setting SMART goals. You must be very specific with your goal and not set a generalized goal. If you want to reach a higher plateau in your career as an administrative assistant then you need to be very specific in your goal setting. If a goal is not specific then you will easily wander off-track as you attempt to fruitlessly follow your plan. In order for SMART goal setting to work you must have a finely honed and very specific goal in mind.

Measurable is simply how to measure your progress as you work towards your specific goal. If you want to be given more responsibility as your goal then you can track this by the increase in responsibility that you are given. Tracking your progress is vital. You will not achieve your goals overnight but if you are continually making progress and getting closer to your goal then you will stay motivated to keep working towards your goals. In order to stay motivated and on track you need to use a measurable standard so you can track your progress.

Attainable is the next stage of your SMART goal setting plan. Make sure your goals are actually attainable. If one of your responsibilities as an administrative assistant is employee retention, then setting a goal of 100% employee retention rate is unfeasible. Employees will move on to new companies, die, and leave for maternity leave. If you set a goal of retaining every single employee then you will definitely fail because this goal is not attainable. An attainable goal for you may be to simply cut the employee turnover rate down. You will not get rid of employee turnover but with new things you may be able to implement such as pay raises and increased benefits, you can increase employee retention. You need to ensure that your goal is attainable.

Relevant goals are a necessity. You need to set goals that are relevant to your position. Setting a goal to have the cleanest office in town would not be relevant to you as an administrative assistant. If you were a janitor then it may be relevant but as an admin assistant you should look at relevant goals such as getting your paperwork finished before the last day of the month.

Time is not irrelevant when it comes to SMART goal setting for administrative assistant. Time is another vital part of the goal setting process. You need to set a timeframe to complete your goal. Open ended goals are harder to successfully complete because there is no “rush” to complete. Procrastination is a lot easier to do when there is no timeframe for you to complete y