Smart homes; future looming

Smart homes; future looming

Smart homes; future looming

It seems difficult to be surprised today seeing the latest innovations when it comes to smartphones. The curved screens already on the market, flexible displays are something almost tangible, and I have spoken to countless applications that can do almost everything in our daily lives. So one wonders what’s next? The answer will probably direct towards smart homes, which are closely linked to the future that lies ahead in the coming years.


Patrick Harrison-Harvey, the innovation expert at Vodafone, said his impressions on the blog of Vodafone UK over the houses of the future and how technology has a field to exploit in this regard.


To understand that we will bring almost immediate future we must start from the concept of “Internet of Things” (IoT) is nothing but the collection of user data by technology companies. This, that a priori can be a little scary, is the only way for these companies to facilitate our lives in a more direct way. If we got where we got it is because we are more transparent, because in some way or another the way we live, our behavior, our desires, our feelings have been largely exposed and that has been used technologically for the Companies can we offer higher quality products, and to provide us with daily life.



Revolv has been one of the pioneers in trying to integrate an all in one. This is something difficult to achieve because each company bets on a protocol of different performance, with different accessories and the idea is to try it all work under one roof, ie, imagine metaphorically that the house should be like a Smartphone and All accessories would like the applications we have installed. Today Whether you have an iPhone or a BlackBerry because in both you have Facebook installed because the house passes exactly the same, regardless of which type of control we have over it, all accessories should be able to be connected to each other regardless of the how they are controlled.


Perhaps the way goes by the type of accessories like Amazon Echo, controlled voice when we are next to it or by application or browser when we are away from home. Devices like this are a major step since the gadget can not only answer us a question such as how many people have Madrid? but also we can activate the alarm, create a list of products, listen to music or tell a joke. A kind of advanced Siri has been extracted from a smartphone to make it serve users with the ability to learn by our habits.


According to Patrick this race has not yet been won by anyone as there is still no standard of behavior and unification of products that can be controlled from a single point and are connected together, for example, get up with an alarm clock that tells you the coffee you have to turn to when you get to the kitchen the coffee is ready to drink. That connection is to be determined and sure to be something that we see shortly, maybe in a couple of years but has not yet reached the top by any means.

The location will play an important role in the development of accessories and applications to carry out the job that lies ahead technology companies. Patrick is not just any user knows what he speaks, it is, in fact, active user of this technology, which is why the importance commenting playing location and connection between devices. He tells ‘I can now configure my home for the lights while I reach and turn off when I go to work come on. It is wonderful, but I can only set it for me. That is not the logic of a family, which means that if I go I leave the rest in darkness. That is why we need a second rule is that the lights are not turned off while someone is at home. ”


Reaching that standard will not be easy, it’s a long road to travel so that everything works as it should and then emerge other pitfalls that must be saved as ensuring that these products are affordable for most users, so finding the balance between a quality product which gets the marked objectives and democratizing the same as the prices get not shoot production is perhaps the second problem to be treated. In any case, it will be something we will check it firsthand and I’m sure it will be sooner than later.

By: EsamPim