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Smart House – What is happening in the world 2015?

Smart House – What is happening in the world 2015?

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1.Casas winning followers.
If you are someone who often forget to turn off any light your home before you leave, if you like to control environments remotely and have always wanted to increase the security of each of the spaces where they live, it’s time to know the range of home automation and home automation that comes to town.

It is a fully robotic smart home, which has been created to show the possibilities that are in the local market and will be until next May 27 in Monterrey mall in order to make known that these systems are increasingly accessible to people regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Roger Rios, representing the brand Smart Industries, explained that the lights, sound, video, gas system, telephone, monitoring cameras, curtains, air conditioning and almost anything can be adequate to handle from a smartphone or a tablet. The only prerequisite is to have internet access.

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2.Casas intelligent digital diary.
The new ‘smart houses’ allow remote control of the activities taking place within the home. The service could be useful for children looking to be more aware of their elderly parents.

Whenever Bill Dworsky, 81, and his wife Dorothy 80, open the fridge, close the bathroom door or lift the top of a bottle of pills, tiny sensors at his home in San Francisco taking notes in a diary digital.

Phil, his son of 53 years, daily checks on your smartphone. If there is no activity for a specified time, Phil is alerted by an automated email.

These advances in low-cost sensors and wireless networks are fueling the rise of the ‘smart home’, and several companies are already considering this technology for other things besides home security systems and temperature controls.

An example is the creation of products for baby boomers, trying to maintain a balance between caring for their elderly parents and respect for their independence.

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3.Mandos distance, the essential accessory for the smart home ZigBee RF4CE, mature and inexpensive technology excellence
GreenPeak publishes its new report on the ZigBee RF4CE: What is RF4CE why operators prefer for remote controls, why it has been so successful in the US and why the European smart homes developers should use it in their devices? Utrecht, Netherlands – May 11, 2015 – GreenPeak Technologies, the leading company in the field of semiconductor and systems for …

GreenPeak publishes its new report on the ZigBee RF4CE: What is RF4CE why operators prefer for remote controls, why it has been so successful in the US and why the European smart homes developers should use it in their devices?

Utrecht, Netherlands – May 11, 2015 -GreenPeak Technologies, the leader in semiconductor and systems for smart homes, today announced the emergence of a new report on the ZigBee RF4CE. Developed originally for the consumer electronics industry to connect remote controls with televisions, DVD players, etc. the RF4CE devices have become today in the central to the smart home accessory. In recent years, RF4CE has become the dominant standard and has been adopted by all major operators and manufacturers of their decoders and remote controls in the US Globally, over 100 million new top boxes and remote controls used as ZigBee and their number is growing rapidly.

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4.The CEO of Bosch embraces the digital role
Bosch CEO embraces / Expansion / digital role Volkmar Denner, CEO of engineering giant Bosch and German manufacturing is trying to combine the manufacturing experience of Germany with US internet experience.

Denner said that the future of your company depends on the ‘Internet of Things’. It aims to connect through the Internet appliances that are used daily, which will lead to houses and ‘intelligent’ cars. And he wants production Bosch is scanned in ‘smart’ factories.

Unlike many German executives and politicians who believe that Google and Silicon Valley are a threat, Denner said that the German traditional manufacturing companies can learn from the US Internet companies’ increasing their pace of work and adopting an innovative spirit. ‘

Denner has reinforced the Bosch software division with acquisitions. Its aim is that the company is at 50% a group of information technology (IT) and 50% a manufacturing company. Bosch had sales of 49,000 million euros last year, compared with 71,900 million rival Siemens.

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5.The homes of the future will monitor your vital signs
When we think of features that could incorporate a Smart Home of the future, we will surely come to mind characteristics related to efficiency, entertainment and safety of our home. But what if the next feature was the smart homes to monitor our vital signs?

A group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has introduced a wireless technology called Vital-Radio that can monitor your heart rate and breathing. The device can be implanted in the walls of a house to monitor the vital signs of each inhabitant in real time.

The results of tests conducted by the researchers have taken a 99% accuracy, and the device has been tested on 14 volunteers. In fact, technology is so precise that it can detect the heartbeat of a baby in the womb.

The level of detail is so high that you can discern the breath of a person by the movement of her chest, in addition to measuring the pulse of a subject through the movement of blood in the arteries of the neck.

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6. In 2045: bionic people, smart homes, and printing 3D
30 years ago, the personal computer began to spread and evolution completely transformed society and the way we live.
Kaspersky Lab celebrates this anniversary looking further into the future and imagining how will the information technology and how it will change our lives in this new digital era of 2045, within another 30 years.
– Robots everywhere
Before long, it is likely that world population including thousands of millions of people and billions of robots. The latter are almost all labor for heavy routines. The experts will work to improve the robots and software IT industry will be home to companies that develop software for robots, like now develop applications for users to download and install.
– Bionic People
To some extent, the boundaries between robots and humans difumarán. In the transplants, they will start using electronically controlled artificial organs and prostheses are the routine surgical procedure.
Nanorobots traveling internally by the human body to deliver drugs to diseased cells or perform microsurgery. Specially installed sensors monitor the health of people and transmit its conclusions in a cloud-based storage that can be accessed a doctor. All this should lead to a substantial increase in life expectancy.
– Smart Homes
Moreover, people living in smart houses where most of the facilities will be fully automated. The software running in the house will take care of the energy, water, food and supplies consumption and replacement. The only concern of the inhabitants will ensure that there is enough money in their bank accounts to pay.

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