Smoker Grills

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There is no arguing that smoked food is one of the most flavorful foods one could ever eat. Smoking works by cooking the food while flavoring and preserving it. Traditionally, people used smokehouses to flavor, preserve and cook their foods. These foods were mostly fish and meats and in some occasions liquor or beverages. Having your own smokehouse in this new age is not practical and safe. As it is, smoking foods can also be done in a small-scale setting. Smoker grills make it possible for us to enjoy the luscious flavor of smoked foods without the hassle and high-cost of maintaining smokehouses.

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Perhaps the most popular of the types of smoker grills is the offset smoker. A firebox is usually attached in one of the sides of the grilling or cooking chamber. This firebox holds the charcoal while it burns and sends out the smoke to the grilling chamber through a pipe. This type of smoker grills generally comes with a lid which can be closed or opened while smoking depending on the preference of the user. For best results, lids are recommended to be used while smoke grilling to lock in the flavors.

Another type of smoker grills is the UDS which is short for Ugly Drum Smoker or Upright Drum Smoker. Unlike the offset smoker grills, UDS grills holds the charcoal or any fuel source in the bottom part of the steel drum giving out smoke directly upwards. A vented lid gives way to the smoke.

Water smoker grills work the same way as the UDS with one difference – the former uses water in the smoking process. The water in the grill works in three ways. It humidifies the grilling equipment. It holds down the temperature thereby giving the user control over the amount of heat and smoke to cook the food. It also acts as a catching device for any charcoal drip.

Then there are the gas-powered smoker grills which mostly employ propane as fuel to create heat and smoke.? Wood or charcoal is placed above the propane burner. With propane, heat and smoke is controlled. The dials that control how much propane is used make the difference. With a turn of the dial, heat is increased or decreased to help smoke and grill your favorite foods to perfection.

Whatever type of smoker grills you use, one goal is achieved – giving our favorite fish and meat that succulent smoky flavor that we have always enjoyed.


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