Smooth and Speedy Recovery from Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is among the most heavily requested body contouring treatments. Laser liposuction performed using the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation has fueled the popularity of the procedure. Almost all areas such as arms, thighs, tummy, love handles or saddle bags can be contoured. While the treatment is performed using efficient techniques and technology, achieving a speedy recovery and maintaining the results are matters of concern. The golden rule for a smooth and speedy recovery is to strictly follow your surgeon instructions. A healthy life style is crucial to maintain the results.

A Speedy Recovery

Primarily, maintaining a positive attitude during the recovery period about the outcome matters a lot. It is important that you go by your plastic surgeon’s advice on how to handle the recovery period and strictly avoid self-medication. Here some expert tips for a speedy recovery

• If you smoke, it is highly recommended that you stop smoking for some time before and after surgery
• Adding high protein in your diet will promote skin regeneration
• Take plenty of rest to help the scars heal well and restore the normal body functioning
• Unlike laser liposuction which provides skin tightening effects, conventional techniques usually cause skin laxity. Doing some mild exercises as recommended by the surgeon helps improve the condition
• Timely pain medications are advised for faster relief from pain and wearing compression garments helps. This also helps in alleviating bruising and swelling.

Avoiding activities that would cause strain, gentle massage as advised by the surgeon, sufficient intake of fluids, and keeping the surgery area clean to avoid risks of infection also speeds up the process of recovery.

Longevity of Liposuction Results

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle promotes longevity of liposuction surgery results. There are some studies that show that fat will not come back in the treated areas as the fat cells there are destroyed. However, the reality is that when fitness level is not maintained and you gain weight, the fat cells in the other areas would get larger, thus affecting your body contouring results. There are even chances for the body to generate new fat cells with excessive weight gain in the future. However, this should not a matter of concern as a person rarely gains more than 10% of the present body weight. So maintaining your diet and exercise routine after liposuction is crucial to maintain the outcome.