Snacks You Can Eat At Your Computer

The Oxford dictionary defines snacks as food eaten in a hurry,it is quite different from the main meal you eat heavily for breakfast,lunch and dinner.Let me call it ”an in between food.”  The main reason for eating snacks is to give you some fuel to keep you going for a while.It is most interesting to note that snacks is an English word coined from the Greek word ‘mezes.’

About two billion people use the computer daily for different reasons and most of us spend hours typing without having time to eat properly- I am guilty of this.Weekends, I spend eight hours on my laptop without taking any meal. Problems can arise when we skip meals.Ulcers and other stomach ailments could arise. The brain needs food or let me say,glucose to keep it working.

Our eating habits varies because one man’s meat is another man’s poison.Just as we are what we think,we are also what we eat. We are largely the result of what we eat. In this article, I would like to recommend some healthy and fun snacks for you to eat while working on your computer.They are simple and easy to make or you can get them from a snack bar. I am not a food faddist or fanatic, we all know our body and the best food for it.


Chin – Chin : is a favourite West Africa snacks that is fried and easy to make.All you need is flour, sugar,butter, water and vegetable oil. 

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Anzacs- Australian snacks.This biscuit is the most popular biscuit in Australia because it was made during the world war 1 by the mid-wives who baked it for the Australian soldiers.

imageimage source:Recipes Wiki

Austic Cookies & crackers: you can buy this from Amazon.It includes variety of choco cremes,chocolate cookies,vanila cremes cookies.It is also a fantastic snacks for your kids.








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Plantain Chips: it is made from ripe African plantain.It is usually sliced in square cubes or circles and fried.Easy to make and eat.


Coconut Cakes: it is the most popular snacks found in West Africa.It is simple to make.When you break the coconut,pour the liquid inside in a glass.You can drink the water because it contains good nutrients.Grate the coconut using a grater.Add sugar and fry until it turns brown. Children love this snack.

Coconut Cakes



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Taiwan Snacks



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Scotch Eggs: it is a bit time consuming. To save time, you can buy it at any fast food restaurants.It is made of pork meat and egg.

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Mandazi Donuts: this snacks is popular in East Africa and it is a sweet donut made from flour,baked or deep fried.



Groundnut Chiki

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Meat Pie:Most of us have eaten this snack especially when you need to stop the hunger in your stomach.It is quite nutritious and contains the five food groups and I do like it when it is properly baked.Better to buy it from fast food restaurants.

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Fish fingers

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Hyderabadi Almond Cookies




I would like to offer more snacks.

Acid and sub-acid fruits and nuts are not messy when you are working on your computer.Try not to consume fats and oils along with your nuts.Biscuits are good snacks,the little problem is that the crumbs cause some debris and might attract ants if you are living in a tropical country.Sandwiches and date-nut cream cheese  spread on whole grain or banana bread is also suitable.

As a final word regarding snacks, do not over consume these foods.Try to strike at a balance and combine it with compatible foods that your body likes.