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Snapping Hip


Snapping Hip or Dancers Hip as it is also known, is a snapping or popping sensation felt when a person walks, stands from sitting, raises a knee or extends a leg from the hip. The snapping sensation is painless in some people while it is accompanied by pain in others. It can last from just a few months or for a number of years. Snapping Hip Syndrome happens most often in young athletes when they raise their knees and/or extend their legs as they do when they workout or perform.

Snapping Hip – Causes

Snapping Hip can occur in internally or externally. It happens internally when a person that has Snapping Hip Syndrome moves their leg from the hip that causes a tendon to catch on bony protrusions on the pelvis or on the ball of the thigh bone and snap across it. Snapping Hip occurs the same way externally, with the difference being external tendons snagging and snapping. Sometimes, tendons catch due to being thicker than they normally would be. This makes it easier for the tendon to catch on any protrusions on pelvic bones. Swelling in the hip can also contribute to pelvic tendons getting caught as they try to move in and around the hip joint.

Snapping Hip – Self-Treatment

Treatment options for Snapping Hip Syndrome are based on personal symptoms. Treatment may not be necessary if no pain accompanies the snapping sensation. Some people choose to forego treatment if no pain is experienced and movement isn’t hindered. In some cases, the condition will go away if the activity that causes it is stopped temporarily. Stretching has also been known to help this condition. Over-the-counter pain medication may help with any pain from Snapping Hip Syndrome. Icing could also help ease some of the symptoms of this condition

Snapping Hip – Medical Treatment

Doctors might prescribe rest, painkillers, and/or rehabilitation before resorting to operating. Operating is seen as the last resort and doctors want to exhaust all other treatment options before operating. Patients will respond differently to treatment so doctors have to tailor their treatment to specific patients. People experiencing Snapping Hip symptoms should have a doctor do an examination to get professional diagnosis and treatment.

Snapping Hip
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