Snoring Remedies

Snoring happens when the structures of your respiratory system vibrates producing a coarse disturbing noise. This occurs when there is obstruction in your nose and mouth during your sleep wherein air couldn’t move freely through your respiratory system.
Snoring is considered as a danger to your health condition as it could lead to life-threatening illness in the long run. Studies show that snoring increases the risk of heart failure and possible stroke.
The most common disorder that is caused by snoring is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and is characterized by constant interruptions in a person’s breathing pattern when that person is asleep.
Here are the common causes of snoring:
• Sleeping posture – Lying flat on your back makes the tissue on your throat block the air passage.
• Smoking – Irritation and nicotine withdrawal caused by smoking results to blockage on your respiratory system. Every time you inhale the smoke, your mucous membranes become irritated and swell up resulting to a restricted airway.
• Overweight/Obesity – People who are overweight or obese tend to suffer from snoring because the fat tissues present on the throat restrict the airflow.
• Relaxants – Alcohol and sleeping pills are examples of relaxants that make the muscle tissue on your throat become over relaxed. They tend to collapse and block the oxygen intake.

Finding the main reason or the root cause of your snoring is very crucial in order to find out what is the right solution or remedy to cure your snoring problem.
Some of the treatments for snoring:
• Mouthpiece Devices – This device creates enough space on your throat by pulling the lower jaw forward to prevent breathing obstruction.
• Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) – A machine the constantly blows air to your nose through a mask.
• Surgery – Medical procedures done to your throat tissue to make breathing easy.
• Anti-snoring Pillows – Pillows that are specially made to reduce or prevent snoring.
• Humidifier – Prevents dryness in the upper airways that causes breathing difficulty which results into snoring by moistening the nasal membranes.
• Healthy Lifestyle – This is the most effective remedy for snoring that is often neglected. Having a healthy lifestyle by taking in nutritious and healthy foods and with proper exercise will certainly reduce or eliminate your snoring problem.