Snow Beauty Business

From the healthy, sun-kissed look in Tahoe and Taos—where makeup is minimal (think lip balm) and hair is air-dried and undone—to the high maintenance glamour of Aspen and Big Bear, the apres-ski “look” is actually is all over the map. Here, a guide to the country’s hottest ski spots—and what to wear once you are there.

Where: Sundance is only one week a year, but the mover-and-shaker scene at Big Bear lasts all season long. The future of Hollywood (as in wannabe starlets, production assistants, entry-level agents and aspiring screenwriters) heads for this San Bernadino resort just an hour east of L.A.

The look: “It’s all about sunshine, Black Fly sunglasses, and cute girls in colorful makeup,” says Circe Wallace, a former pro snowboarder who now manages other extreme athletes. She could be describing the look at Chloe, where a sweep of blue liner under the lower lash line looked ultra pretty on every model, regardless of skin tone. (Try Flawless Face Automatic Eye Pencil in Blue, Shu Uemura Makeup Pencil in Blue 65) “It’s a very image conscious mountain. You’ll see women on the chairlift reapplying their eyeliner.” says Wallace. In other words, expect to see gloss and glitter way before noon.

Lip pick: Urban Decay Uzi, Solar F/X Glitter lipstick

Where: In this hardcore ski haven, aprés-ski activity happens in bed. “In Taos you ski all day, then go to sleep, then wake up and ski some more. It’s sleep-ski-sleep-ski,” says Bliss Logue, a waitress at Fred’s Place, a local restaurant.

The look:
The bare-faced smooth-skinned models at Jil Sander’s fall show looked as if they’d just finished cruising Taos’ Kachina Bowl. Aprés-ski primping in this town consists of smoothing on the right night cream to keep skin in prime condition. “I use Dr. Hauska. If you’ve got good skin, you don’t need makeup or anything else,” says Logue. Try Philosophy Hope in a Jar or Peter Thomas Roth Ceramide Ultra Rich Night Renewal.

Lip pick: Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1; Gly Derm Lip Protector SPF 15

Where: Heavy hitters from Hollywood have been coming here for over 60 years; leading ladies from Colette Colbert to Demi Moore fell in love (and lost their hearts) here. Hemingway wrote short stories over a beer at Casino Bar; now, CEOs merge billion dollar media conglomerates over hot cider at the Sun Valley Lodge.

The look: “There are two looks in town, the Fleece Look or the Fur Look,” says Sun Valley makeup artist Melissa Sluder. “If you’re the kind of person who wears fleece, you have long, straight hair and wear sheer lipstick. If you wear fur, you have layered hair and frosty lips.” Needless to say, Sluder wears North Face and Clinique Black Honey sheer lipstick. The look at Louis Vuitton, long, sleek hair and softly shiny lips, was pure (Sun) Valley girl.

Lip pick: Bloom Lip Glaze; Clinique Black Honey, Bellini gloss by Chantecaille.image

Where: Long before the sun sets, it’s easy to figure out that Aspen’s all about the nightlife. Lift lines disappear and slopes empty in late afternoon as all of Aspen returns to home base to get ready: Pre-apres-ski.

The look: The traditional Aspen looks has been Rocky Mountain Madame, a high-altitude version of big city socialite: perfect, blond TV anchor hair paired with lacquered lips. Designer Carolina Herrera, an Aspen regular, brought this look into the late nineties at her fall runway show with a refined, but still chi-chi, updo and a striking red mouth. Next month, Rande Gerber (Mr. Cindy Crawford) puts the ‘rock’ (and roll) back into the Rocky Mountains with his latest Whiskey Bar outpost, Whiskey Rocks, opening at the Aspen St. Regis. Considering that Whiskey Bar beauty is the same from coast to coast (dark kohl eyes and corkscrew hair, as seen on the Versace runway), the face of Aspen is sure to change. Pack your favorite kohl pencil (Nightstar Glitter Eye Pencil, Versace eyeliner pencil in black) and you’ll fit right in.

Lip pick: Chanel Snowflake

Where: Between skiing the vert drop at Heavenly or rolling the dice at the casinos, Tahoe women keep a busy schedule. “There’s not much time to worry about how you look,” says Wallace, who spends every vacation at Tahoe.

The look: Makeup is kept low-key. “You’ll get the Silicon Valley weekend warriors that wear makeup, but it’s still an outdoorsy San Fran feel. Brown lipstick and mascara is as much as you’ll see, and that’s for a big night out,” says Wallace. Hair is pulled back into ponytails or braids. “You won’t see a woman in Tahoe blow-drying her hair, unless it’s to get it dry before she hits the mountain,” says Wallace.

Lip pick: Pure Poetry from Lorac

Where: Hippie-chic might be a runway trend this season, but it’s the perennial look in Jackson, where women take a mindful, zen-centric approach to beauty. “Jackson women are very concerned about what’s in their products. They’re always reading the fine print for additives, minerals, fragrances,” says Silvia Tobler, owner of Pure, a local beauty apothecary.

The look: Jackson locals will wear lipstick, but only if it’s got more going for it than just color. “Tony & Tina lipsticks are really popular here,” says Tobler. Makeup is neutral and earth-toned, as seen on the Dolce & Gabbana runway. “Bronzer, brown mascara, a touch of gloss, that’s it in Jackson Hole,” says Shauna, a stylist at Ginger Root Salon. For a healthy high-mountain tan, try Yon-Ka Auto Bronzant for Face & Body, or Christian Dior Self Tanner for Face SPF 10.

Lip pick: Tony & Tina Gloss Lipstick in Intelligent