So you want to be a witch!

So you want to be a witch! But where to start? you’re looking all over the Internet, you’re trying to get answers in forums and chat rooms. No one is giving you any solid answers and your now frustrated and about to give up. Sound familiar like most people I tackled this very clumsily at the beginning as well. We forget to ask ourselves the most important questions first what is Wicca and why to I want to become a witch. One cannot rush to answer these first two it will take a lot of time reading and self exploring to get to an pure and honest answer as to why being a wiccan will benefit the world and not how being a wiccan will benefit me.

The Wicca rede

An it harm none ,do what ye will

The Wiccan rede is the most important thing to a Wiccan. it is the prime directive, it is the moral code of all Wiccan. Many beginners have trouble with this in that they know what the rede says but don’t fully understand it’s meaning. The first part an it harm none seems to stump a lot of people at first. It is not intended to mean for you to stand idly by while your rights or your life is being threatened. The important thing to remember her is that all actions have consequences and you should think before doing any spells or ceremonies. Any unwanted or selfish actions will only bring negative results to you or your intended

Read, read some more, and reread.

Read all you can get your hands on. Read books, read blogs, join groups, but remember not all information out there is accurate. You’ll need to filter a lot of the fluff. Write down thing you like, thing you might want to try, do all you can to learn something new every day. The joy of discovering for yourself how to become a Wiccan is what set you on this path in the first place. If it’s becoming too much like a chore and no longer seems fun then take some time for yourself. there is no hurry you will become a Wiccan when you’re ready.

How To Become a Pagan Witch or Wicca