So You've Decided To Buy A Second Hand Massaging Chair… – There Are Super Deals Out There!

You’ve made the decision to buy a second hand massaging chair, but now you’re stuck. You want to purchase a quality chair from someone that will last you a few years, yet you don’t want to pay a fortune for it – nor do you want to pay good money on a terrible chair. What are some things to look for to make sure you get a great chair at a great price?

Buy the Brand Name

When you buy a second hand massaging chair, you simply must avoid the cheaper, mass produced brands. Those chairs are built for quantity, not quality. Instead look for some of the top name brands of massaging chairs on the market like Panasonic, Inyada, OSIM, Fuji, Catnapper, or Sanyo. Many of these chairs come with long extended warranties that can be transferred to a second owner, and even if they do not, these chairs are built with quality parts that are simply made to last.

Look For Wear And Tear

You think you may have found the perfect chair, but when you take a look at it the arms have fray marks and there’s an obvious grind on the seat of the chair from it being used. Definitely not the chair for you. Ditto if you see other classic wear and tear marks that indicate heavy use, such as small nicks, tears, or scratches… even cracks. A good used chair will look like it came home a couple days ago, not a couple years ago. Wait for the right chair to come to you.

The Person Makes the Chair, But the Chair Doesn’t Make the Person

When you go to buy a second hand massaging chair, be aware of your surroundings and take a close look at the people from whom you are purchasing the chair. If you’re not a smoker, then you don’t want to buy a massaging chair from a home that is one. If the environment seems unkempt and untidy, then the chair has likely not been treated with tender loving care. However, a meticulously kept house likely means a chair that has been well serviced throughout its life. People who seem active may not use their chair as much as those who seem inactive or have health conditions. In combination with examining the wear and tear of the chair, you can gauge fairly accurately how well the chair has been taken care of and used.

A Deal Too Good To Pass Up You Should Pass Up

Trust your instincts. When you go to buy a second hand massaging chair, always believe what your intuition is telling you about the sale. Sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up because it is a great price on a great chair. Other good deals you probably should pass up because the deal seems too good to be true. There is a difference between a great fair price and a great unbelievable price.

When going to buy a second hand massaging chair, simply remember the basics: you get what you pay for, your new chair will always be a product of its previous environment, and a chair that has been well loved is a chair that you will also be able to love.