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The internet has revolutionized everyday life and makes use of the internet to reach customers and sell its products. Its an on line shopping site that sells household necessities and more important takes the hassle away from a house wife of going and shopping. will deliver the item at your door step.

products is an online marketing site. It supplies all house hold items from a pin to more esoteric products like items of every day need, cosmetics, health products and everything you can think off. Perhaps the only thing this site cannot supply is an haircut or a shave on the net, but that is because of limitations of the internet.

The site stocks over 25,000 products covering beauty basics, household necessities, nutritional products and items of everyday use including grocery items and products for sexual health.

The site came up in 2010 and traces its pedigree to a site started in 2005, by 2 friends Marc and Vinit. The site has now grown all over the USA and the best part it supplies the items free of cost to your doorstep in 2 days. The site is open round the clock for all 365 days in a year and is one of the popular sites. All items sold on the site are subject to sales tax.

As the motto of the site is complete customer satisfaction, returns are accepted without any hassles. In case you are not satisfied with a product you can return the item within 365 days of the sale.

However the site will not accept used or expired items. In case one has to return a product all one has to do is to log in to the site and click the appropriate column. You can also contact them on 1-800-762-7123 (SOAP123) or send a email at

The site promises to reimburse the cost of return postage. Items delivered to APO or FPO addresses will also be accepted back.


This is an American site and services only the United States. It also caters to APO and FPO addresses which are treated as US territory. The site offers free shipping if the value of your order is over $49. In case your order is below $49, the site will, charge a flat rate of $ 4.99.
Delivery is assured within 2 working days. The best part is that heavy items like trolleys and prams will also be shipped free of cost to the customer.

You can email them at
The site has its headquarters at
Soap.comP.O. Box 483 Jersey City, NJ 07303

Warranties or Guarantees
The site gives implicit and implied warranties on all its products. An substandard product will be accepted back and a refund issued in case a similar item is not available. The site prides itself on the quality of its products and that is one field it cannot be faulted

The site has excellent feed back. However some customers do feel that the prices are higher than ebay, but over all the site has a ready clientele that uses the site. a site that Sells Everything: Review
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