Social Media Trends in 2014

Social media saw a big-bang last year in 2013 with numerous top brands exploring various social media platforms for their business growth. Many new experiments were done to increase customer engagement and observe its results on business. With the experiments gone, 2014 means more serious business objectives will be aligned with social media. Companies are trying to leverage social media to connect and form deeper relations with their customers directly. The year will see some major trends being formed that will pave the way for social media’s future.

1.Social listening: It will no more be about just updates regarding the brand’s latest offerings. The platform will be used to voice opinion and grievances by consumers, with brands waking up on the public platform. Hence, brands will be pushed towards “social listening” and taking more interest regarding their social media image. The year will witness brands strategizing about their image management on various social media platforms. It is estimated that 24 percent of the brands are planning to be an active participant in “social listening” on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They will streamline their social media activities to understand and respond to their customer’s inquiries and complaints.

2.Social Advertising: It is estimated that an average individual spends around 37 minutes per day on various social media platforms. Hence, companies are getting attracted to spend a major part of their advertising budget on social media platforms. It is calculated that 57 percent of organization with advertising budgets spent on social ads in 2013. This number will see a jump of 23 percent this year with more organizations spending on social media ads.

3.Data-based marketing: Though organizations have spent on social media ads, but they have always been worried about the ROI. This year will see marketers streamlining their advertising operations and use data-based marketing. ROI will be calculated on a regular basis and marketing strategies will be altered according on a continuous basis on various social media platforms.

4.Pictures as a Marketing Tool: In a fast-paced world, marketers are realizing the value of customer’s limited time. The content that will be created will have more pictures than words taking less amount of consumer’s time. It is estimated that 93 percent of Facebook ads which see user engagement are visually rich in content.

5.Integrating Social Media with Business: Social media will no more remain as separate experimental marketing technique but will enter mainstream. It is estimated that 78 percent of the companies will integrate social media strategies when aligning their business strategies for organizational growth. Social media platforms will be used to create loyal brand customers for business growth.

6.Social Data Guiding the Future of Relationship Intelligence: It is believed that companies will take inputs from social media platforms and will use it to come up with new products. Customer interaction and engagement inputs on various social media platforms will have a significant impact on the company future offerings.

7. Engaging Customers Both Online and Offline: Many brands are creating online presence and amalgamating it in real life by promoting them via offline advertising platforms. There is an amalgamation of social media campaigns into real world to create brand awareness and enhance customer engagement. Many companies are using the medium of advertising their brands online campaigns offline with live events, reality shows and many other such mediums to promote their online brand engagement.