Social Net Working/Cyber Abuse

Cyber Abuse while Social Networking, has this ever happened to you?

This article is about Cyber-bullying that involves Social Networking. Not only children get cyber-bullied, adults do as well at their vulnerable moments. I have provided a video from you tube to prove how this can affect an individual.

Social Networking is the in thing of today. Folk join big social networks i.e. Facebook, My Space, Twitter etc. They join for various reasons, to start a business, to make friends, to keep in touch with family and friends and to connect with their favorite celebrity.

However, it is a very cruel world and out on the internet there are individuals who set out to cyber bully to abuse people who innocently have joined the big Social Networks as mentioned above. The Authors of this article wants public be aware of this and be careful when this happens to you. If you are experiencing this, or any kind of abuse; there are organizations for counseling or perhaps other victims who have healed over their experience survived it, have made themselves known to you, where you are able to talk and over come the predicament you are in.

Cyber bullying is actively to take control of a victim to put them through mental torture just for their own satisfying needs, or just for the fun of it to get a buzz out of abusing another person in this way. Cyber-bullies pick up on anything posted in the victim’s account on-line; the victim may/will have the love of a Pop-Star, Film Star, or even just posting memorable articles about their loved ones.

What the Cyber-bully shall do; is either hide behind a made up name, or even perhaps open a fake account of the people the Authors have just mentioned. The perpetrators do it to get to their victims, in so many words take the ‘piss’ out of the innocent vulnerable victim, the cyber-bully/abuser’s aim is to destroy what ‘self-worth’ that person has left.

What the writers of this article is saying, do not give up on yourself when depression sets in because this kind of abuse, and above all talk to someone you know and trust, or even find counseling. Do not show the culprits what they are doing to you by responding to them with posts back to them over the internet.

At the end of the day, REMEMBER the cyber-bully is just collecting information of what is in your social networking account you post to your family and friends and your favorite celebrity, and use your posts against you, JUST TO HAVE CONTROL FOR THEIR SELFISH SATISFACTION NEEDS OR JUST TO GET THE BUZZ OUT OF WHAT THEY DO TO YOU. HELP IS THERE PLEASE GET IT.

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