Social network sites may be depressing us

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We often are told in ads we see, that social networks are fun, a good way to keep up with what our family and our friends are doing. Places such as Facebook lead us to think it’s a wonderful way to share their lives as well as our own. But is it?

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A researcher recently conducted an experiment to see if social networks actually make us feel good by reading updates from friends and family, or if the opposite was happening. He decided to conduct some research after noticing his friends seemed to act differently after logging off of Facebook. He was curious to find out what was happening.

It seems that, while we may love to log onto places like Facebook, we often read about our relatives or friends lives, via updates, and somehow we may feel their lives are better than ours. We may feel jealous that they seem to be leading more exciting lives than we feel we are leading, thus leading us to feel depressed about our own lives and situations.

This makes a lot of sense because most people are going to only post the fun and exciting parts of their lives. After all, who wants to read anything that may be boring? I know when I post updates, I leave out the ordinary, every day, boring things that may make up part of my day. We all want people to think we lead interesting lives, so we do not post those parts of our day that may be boring or even depressing us, so we are going to embellish on what is really going on in our lives.

Have any of you ever experienced a feeling of jealousy or envy after reading about updates from friends or relatives? Do any of you ever feel like your own lives seem boring or even depressing compared to what you may have just read concerning your friends lives on a social site? If so, apparently you are not alone in feeling like that. So maybe instead of making us all feel wonderful by keeping in touch, we are, instead, experiencing a feeling of being down due to what we read when we compare lives. Certainly something to think about.

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Social network sites may be depressing us, Seekyt
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