Social Networking Sites Advantages and Disadvantages

What are Social Networking Sites Advantages and Disadvantages?

Social networking sites advantages and disadvantages have become a significant global issue ever since it came out to public’s awareness. Today, almost everyone has an account at any social networking sites no matter what gender, age and status. But, what are the pros and cons of using social networking sites?

Advantages of social media or networking sites

Under this section of the article, you will discover the different advantages of social media or social networking sites. By now, you may be aware of some of its benefits.

  • Communication – The top perk one can gain by using social networks is free communication. Yes, it’s true that email services are also free of charge. However, the good thing about these websites is that you can share images, messages and videos without the hassle of uploading each file from time to time.
  • Pass time – Social networks are loaded with various applications. For individuals who are bored, one can play games. You can choose from time management games, puzzles to simulation games that are truly addictive. Although in this concept, one may already kill time just by chatting with friends and relatives. Nonetheless, if you are seeking for some mind-boggling games, just search the application tab.
  • Promotional tool – Through social networks, one may advertise and seek the public’s attention. For small business or even large corporations, the use of social networking sites enables them to attract consumers for free. Same goes with artists who want to promote their skills and talents. Just by posting links and allowing it to spread, individuals around the world can know you.
  • Create and spread causes and petitions – Another common scene in social networking sites are petitions and causes. As you know, these types of movements require a certain number of believers and respondents. Empathy can easily be gained at any social networking sites. Once a tragic story spreads, people would definitely help save the day.

Disadvantages of social media or networking sites

Be reminded that even though various benefits can be gained with the use of these websites, there are also risks involved. As you know, there will always be social networking sites advantages and disadvantages that can be experienced. With that, here are the cons of using these types of websites.

  • Loss of privacy – By posting in your profiles and setting it in public mode; you are setting your life in an open book for everyone to view. Stalking someone has become easier due to these websites. Furthermore, public harassments and humiliations can also occur. For this reason, it is highly recommended to restrict your profile to personal acquaintances.
  • Identity thefts – Some people take this opportunity to steal personal information and use it for illegal activities. While, hackers obtain your information and hack into your bank and other accounts. This has become a major issue especially since online banking and other financial transaction become available.
  • Bogus transactions – Since online businesses were started in social networking sites, a lot of scammers and bogus sellers use false information to trick people.

Thus, vigilance with the use of these websites should be applied. With these social networking advantages and disadvantages, you will be able to use these websites into proper purpose.