Socks for Sweating Feet

The buildup of sweat of the feet is something that happens for numerous reasons. Excessive sweat build up happens because the feet don’t get proper ventilation, and most socks don’t absorb perspiration properly. Our feet is the most covered part of the body. So it only makes sense why many suffer from foot odor problems. If you have this problem, then getting the right socks for sweaty feet might reduce smelly odors and keep the feet healthy. The feet need to be protected, and a lot of people don’t get the proper footwear. This article will help solve your problem, and help your feet to be odor and perspiration free.

How to Prevent Foot Odors

Foot odors are problems millions suffer from. The feet seem to end up smelling regardless of oral hygiene. However, there a few simple and easy ways to solve this problem outside buying the right socks and shoes. I’d always have two pairs of shoes on hand. Think about it, when you’re working out your feet are going to sweat the most. Your feet might get cleaned after taking a shower, but you’re putting back on those stinky, smelly, and sweaty shoes you just worked out in.

Also, change pairs of shoes every three months. Most people don’t replace their shoe wear until the sole of the shoe starts falling apart. The shoe itself can usually be worn even after three months. However, after three month your shoes have become a bacteria traps, and that will lead to foul odors.

Another good tip is to not walk around the house in your bare feet. Hey, we all do it, but our floors can get pretty dirty. Buy a good pair of slippers, and be sure to wash them once a week. These are pretty simple and easy ways to prevent foot odors. If the problem still isn’t solved, then you might be suffering from some sort of health condition.

Best Socks for Sweating Feet to Buy

When it comes to buying good socks, I think its pretty simple. There are specifically made socks overall that can solve your problem. I’d just switch to some combination of acrylic, nylon made socks, and for the most part this problem will be solved. Polyester made socks will definitely cause sweat buildup, but a small percentage made polyester fabric still is okay. Cotton although its a light fabric, its not good because it absorbs sweat, leading to dry feet, odors, smelly socks and blisters. Most people assume cotton socks would do the trick, even though they’re the number one ventilated fabric on the market. They’re great for keeping the body cool, but won’t solve excessive sweating problems, because they’ll just lead to stinky feet. So avoid cotton, especially if you’re very active.

Most people don’t know exactly how to go about finding socks for perspiration problems. What I do is go to amazon and just type in ventilated socks. That way all the top results will pop up. You’ll get some reviews so you can get a good idea what you need.

For example, what we have here for women is the Thorlo Women’s 84N Micro Mini Crew SocksThorlo Women’s 84N Micro Mini Crew Socks. I think another fabric to look for is spandex, just like this product has. Spandex stretches and provides good elasticity. A good sock without elasticity just suffocates the feet, and leads to sweat buildup pretty fast.

Acrylic is a very soft and light fabric. I’d personally look for acrylic as the main fabric in any sock you’re looking to buy to prevent the build up of sweat. What is unique about acrylic is that it supposedly moves sweat away from the foot.

Thorlo also makes a ventilated mini crew sock just for men. It’s gotten some positive feedback because its very comfortable. Some polyester is used, but not enough to cause a lot of sweating. It has good elasticity so your feet will be comfortable, and not suffocated. Those with swelled feet can find comfort in these. I think any male that’s active, workouts out a lot, or outdoors where’s hot should consider these socks.