Solar Cycles may enhance agression: with music we may counter it

Hungarian pre-war writer Antal Szerb, and his Landlady – both befriended by Marcel Proust in the Twenties – planned to publish a children’s History Book, but it used to be dangerous in those times to present Jews /as they translated the original word: Yeah-Holders/ as a positive influence in Psycho-History : showing that their non-Jewish princely Ancestors constantly killed each other, and still they – the wonder rabbis – are considered to be dangerously aggressive.

Scientists claim that a stressed grandparent’s grandson will be more stressed than a non-stressed mate: on a hormonal level agression and trauma may be inherited.

It would be high time to look at all those ancestors – both those killing each other and those just singing all day .

As Marcel Proust has described in his famous novel how a certain taste will recall a certain past event – they /Szerb and his Landlady whose family does not want her name to be mentioned/ said that the regular chanting of the Bible /and other religious melodies/ recall the historical traumas for which that particular melody was there to diminish the negative effects.

Imagine the French Revolution ont he 14th of July 1789, people are shouting ont he streets, aristocrats are hanged or robbed…But in a small village nearby Bible scholars are busy chanting the prescribed melodies of the Portion of The Week: Hukat-Balak, which describes the Red Heifer and the Ass of Bileam.

/Naturally it is not possible to say that those Biblical Legends may have had any direct effect on the Revolution. But about the melodies we do know they have a calming effect. /There were experiments about it./ We could be looking at other religions’ music but only the Jewish melodies stay unchanging and were present everywhere.

Every week we have a special melody from the Bible-reading melodies /called „taamim”/ and we are able to look up those Sunspot Cycleparoxysm weeks that contain the highest level of aggression.Actually during the Revolution it was 1799, the Putch of Napoleon that happened to fall onto a Sunspot Paroxysm Year /the main Cycles are 45 years distances and there are smaller cycles with 9-7-11 years’ distances.

And there is a hint in this tradition that while Tragic Sunspot-Countering Melody Therapy recalls the Past Traumata, it also invokes the Future: through the Time-Warp Portal, 2024, we may see the Mirror Years of each Ancestral Voice: as Voice of the Future /the messianic love-filled one somewhere in the distance/.2069, 2114, 2159, 2204, 2249,2294, 2339,2384,2429,2474,2519,2564 are the Dates about which we are able to claim positively that the very same Bible Portions will be read as on those in the /respective/ Past Sunspot Years.

/I do not know why my grandparents’ friends chose 2024 as the Mirror Year./

We happen to have a list of Sunspot Cycles /they might differ one year sometimes from the commonly used charts:1439-1484-1529-1574-1619-1664-1709-1754-1799-1844-1889-1934-1979.

/To make the information easier to filter, Prousts Budapest friends used some psychological theories /like the one John Bolby has developed in the Attachment Theory of the Forties/ claim that we all tend to process information through our earliest attachment modes /to family members/. Others /like Schopenhauer, also very popular in the Twenties and Thirties / claim that all our sense data are processed through our basic body image structure. This is why in the Proust-Scheme – that is how Antal Szerb, my grandfathers’ schoolmate called it as it was told me in our family later – the Sunspot Cycle Dates are structured as Father-Mother-Sister-Brother Year-Distances and at the same time they are connected to Body Parts also: Ear-Eye-Back-Chest are the main templates.

In another articles I may present the list in more detail./Father means metaphorically Goal-Setting, Mother means Intellect, SIster means Problems and Wants, Brother means Recovery in this tradition. Hence the Eye uses the Ear to look at the Back and raise the Eye to the Chest : this is the Code of the Present, if we wouldlike to translate human interaction /eye-movements/ into those Sunspot-Years./

But let us focus on the Present, we are nearing to the next Brother Year Paroxysm: 2024.

These are Sunspot-Trauma Years of our Present Age:

1979 /Borther, Chest/

Lord Mountbatten – ex-Viceroy of India, relative of Queen Elisabeth – killed. He was known int he circles of M. Proust and the Szerb-Landlady.
Portion: Tazria Melody: Gershayim. G-A-B-A-G /Similarity: Ob-La-Di or All You Need is Love/
1952 is the Father year: Stalin against Yeah-Holder Doctors. Slansky Trial. 6. February. Queen Elisabeth II. King Hussein. King Farouk in Egypt proclaims his descendance from Mohammed (m.b.) too. Nasser deposes him. Churchill proclaims England has atomic bomb. Adenauer survives assassination attempt. Eisenhower after Truman. Chaim Weizman dies. Portion: 11 Shvat Beshalah second time Melody: Pazar /Moon leaps The Sky folk song/First: 1637/

1961 is the Mother Year: C.G. Jung , Céline, Hemingway dies. Obama born. Gagarin. Eisenhower speech on ’military industrial complex’. 17 Jan. New President inaugurated: Kennedy. Patrice Lumumba assassinated in Kongo. 9 Febr. First time of Beatles concerts. Invasion of Cuba fails in April. Algerian Independence. Kennedy meets Chruschev. 11 April Eichmann Trials begin. General Trujillo /dictator in Dominica since 1930 / killed, 30 of May. 13 Aug. Berlin Wall building starts. 17 Oct: massacre in Paris,at Charonne,240 dead./Curfew on Algerians/. 20 Nov: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.
9 Febr: 23 Shvat: Mishpatim second time /First 1781/ BDA Zokef Katan Charlie Is My …Jagger: This Could Be The Last Time

1972 is a Sister Year / US President Nixon goes to China in Febr 21-28. Meets Soviet President Brezhnev in May 26. Watergate tapes found on CIA involvement in burglary of opposition: 23 June. Vietnam Haiphong mine bombings. Troop withdrawals. Social Security Act in September. 6 September:Munnich terror at Olympics. Poet Ezra Pound and President Truman die. Apollo 16 moon rover.
23 June 11 Tamuz Hukat-Balak /first: 1844/ Tlisha Gdola Suzanne Vega:Tom’s Diner – British Anthem/ /

Future Reading /a hint at the fact that these regular melody chanting and the regular sunspot cycles also will obvioulsy never stop and this is important to remember/: 2069: Portion Tazria /melody: Obladi/ Topics: The woman giving birth is considered unclean for seven days. If the newborn is a daughter, two month and an added 66 days. Then the portion contains alist of skin diseases. Even on the hair or on textile this uncleanness may appear. So one has to exit the Camp. Without covering his head.

So there will be a cult of the Star Trek fans in those years and they will certainly read together with the Ferengis their contemporaneous episode /in 2063/ :

‘A founding member of the United Federation of Planets, Humans of Earth became warp-capable in 2063, which was the same year they experienced first official contact with an alien species, the Vulcans. The first warp-drive was engaged on April 5th of that year by Zefram Cochrane. (Star Trek: First Contact;ENT: ‘Broken Bow’, ‘Desert Crossing’, ‘E²’; VOY: ‘Year of Hell’, ‘Relativity’, ‘Homestead’ /This is taken from the net Star Trek pages./

At first it sounds preposterous that we claim to be able to filter the chaos of our world into a neat Scheme where everything seen superficially hints at something else at a different age.

We will never know if these claims are true as we are unable to imagine a time-less space-less acausal world. /Even if the particular events and dates and melodies are correct and even if melodies do have a calming effect we cannot positively know if the Proust-Scheme is true or not./

But even without these data we always do follow Ancestral Voices /most of us has paternal and maternal voices in our heads/ and we all do hope that the Mesh-o-Ash /in Greek they call this Anointed Love-Filled ruler: Christos/ will some day appear /and in secret He must be present always. We all do know that the Bible of Moses is chanted weekly in portions. He himself certainly likes to read it and will like it in the Future too. And many people claim they saw him in different Past generations.

So why not give it a try? Close your eyes and imagine one of those events from the list…and try to hum or sing one of the melodies from the list. This meditation cannot harm and may even have some calming effect whether you believe to inherit Past ancestral hormonal structures or not.