Solar light bulb

This idea developed by Nokero, a Hong Kong company, could be a brilliant idea for the health of the planet. It is a bulb that operates with solar power with which the producers hope to reach millions of people without access to electricity (but it could also be used in areas without electricity due to natural disasters or camps).

According to the producers of Nokero Solar Light Bulb over 1.6 billion people still use fire to attain enlightenment, most by kerosene lamps, emitting into the atmosphere every year 190 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Not to mention that the use of fossil fuels to attain enlightenment can be dangerous and expensive. This small bulb has four small solar panels expected to provide five times the light of kerosene lamps by using a minimal amount of energy and would be a very interesting solution to the problem.

The solar bulb solar N100 has more or less the same size as a standard incandescent bulb and has four small solar panels at its headquarters in waterproof plastic. Five LED and a replaceable NiMH battery inside can provide up to four hours of light when the device is fully charged.

The weather, seasons, and latitude can affect recharge times. Nokero states that a day of charging in the sun is able to provide about two hours of light. With full charge, which is achieved with two days of sunshine, hours of light produced by bulb solar become four.

According to Tom Boyd, representing the group, from a study done for the United Nations ( the average use of a kerosene lantern is 1.5 hours per day. Then two hours of light bulb made by solar N100, after a day of charging, should be sufficient to replace or substantially reduce the use of a kerosene lantern.

Boyd also says that the battery is replaceable at low cost, which means that the bulb can last more than 2 years since the solar panels are made to last 10 years and the LEDs can be used by 50,000 to 100,000 hours. In short the bulb life should be about 5-10 years.

The cost of a single bulb is $ 15 but a box of 48 costs $ 480. The company also offers a ‘significant discount’ to buy a thousand or more light bulbs.

In the developed world, the solar lamp can also be used in areas without electricity due to natural disasters, as well as camping and interior patios.