Solar Light Kits are Here- Know the Good and Things to Look Out For

Solar lights are electric lights powered by solar energy by the use of a solar cell charging a battery. Though the basic technology has been in place for over forty years, solar lamps did not rise to wide adoption until recently, for reasons not very hard to find. The cells were not very efficient and degraded over time, batteries were bulky and required maintenance while conventional incandescent and fluorescent lamps used up a lot of energy to produce light. However, with continued research, scientists have been able to achieve more efficient power generation from solar cells, while batteries last longer and are much more compact. LEDs have become the light source of choice for solar light kits owing to their energy efficiency and efficient light throw. Join us as we take a deeper look at choosing these kits.

What’s good about them?

Solar lamps are available today in a variety of form factors, ranging from handheld torches for personal use to standalone yard and solar parking lot lights for wide area lighting. You can use solar fixtures to replace your conventional lighting entirely, or reduce your consumption by shifting some lighting load. It is estimated that home electricity bills in America have gone up on average by 3.3% every year in the past thirty years. For an initial investment, solar lamps can pay back the cost in power savings over a few years of regular usage. If you live in a place with frequent power outages, they give you efficient backup which is independent of your conventional power supply. These are the advantages of adopting solar lighting.

Things to look for when buying

Here are some basic pitfalls you could encounter when you invest in solar light kits. The heart of a solar lighting kit is in the electronics that control the charging and timing and it is not easy for a lay person to make out the quality of the components. As you will be looking to get a few years of service, it is better to get newer models from reputed and certified manufacturers, who offer multi-year warranties on their kits. Pay particular attention to the battery of a standalone system, it should offer you a backup for at least five years with good maintenance. Once you decide to install the solar light kits by yourself, do make sure the solar panels are located on a rooftop or the sunny yard with direct sunlight for at least six to eight hours a day. It should also be noted that solar panels are less efficient in winters with their shorter days and in cloudy weather. None of these facts should discourage you from going solar, because the end result is greatly satisfying when done right.

With a little research before purchase and a good installation, you should get the best out of your solar light kits, as hundreds of thousands of satisfied solar light users would testify. is an online store based out of Denver, CO, providing a wide range of solar products at competitive prices such as solar sign lights, parking lot lights, lamp post lighting, and other solar light kits ( ) and products. To know more about solar lights, read WiseGeek.