Solar Powered LED Flood Lights: The Avant-Garde Floodlights

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Solar powered LED flood lights

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Flood lights such as solar powered LED flood lights have been used for years as an outdoor lightning especially in football fields. Today, solar floodlights are strongly promoted not only for its eco-friendly qualities but as an energy saver as well. If you are planning on purchasing an outdoor light for your gardens and outdoor areas, these solar floodlights would be a great choice. Why? Here are some facts that may convince you to opt for these avant-garde lights.

Uses of solar floodlights

Traditionally, flood lights are only used as lights for outdoor sports events. Today, solar powered LED flood lights are also used for both commercial and residential areas.

Most solar floodlights are used for security measures. These floodlights especially those with installed light sensors are programmed to detect any presence of movements. For example, someone walk into your driveway, solar floodlights would automatically light up until the presence intrusion is gone. This is actually very efficient since its light are very illuminating. You can install it in your gardens, decks and backyards.

For commercial areas, solar floodlight would be a convenient lightning system. It would greatly minimize public energy consumption. And since it gives out bright and clear lights, you don’t have to fill a whole parking lot with several outdoor lamps. One or two solar floodlights would be enough depending on its vastness.

Benefits of using solar floodlights

The number one benefit it provides is being an environment friendly device. Solar floodlights are known to reduce the utilization of non-green carbon energy. Through this, renewable energy is used. Thus, guaranteeing that energy consumption is very low. Aside from that, bulbs used in solar flood lights are mercury free which strongly points out its environment friendly concept.

Another benefit it provides is being both a money and energy saver. As its name denotes, most energy utilized by these floodlights are obtained from the sun. It contains a battery that stores solar cells and uses it at night. If you’re thinking that its luminosity would be low since it’s mostly powered by the sun. That is not the actual case. LED bulbs are 10 times brighter than other bulbs. Aside from that, it has an approximate lifespan of 60,000 hours which if far from its fluorescent and incandescent bulb counterparts.

Drawbacks of solar floodlights

Like all things, this device is not perfect. Although most of its drawbacks are tolerable and manageable, you might want to know these facts before purchasing one.

First is the price. As of today, solar floodlights are highly expensive. Prices would vary depending on the model. As for solar motion security floodlight, its estimated price on the market is at $118 or more. However, with feasibility studies to back it up, it was concluded that prices would be reduce as the product becomes more popular. Plus, if you’d actually audit your electric bills, you would save more in the end.

Another problem encountered with solar lights is, its light is directional. Meaning, the light doesn’t disperse much. To solve this issue, you can purchase LED bulbs for general purposes. Aside from these two drawbacks, purchasing solar powered LED flood lights is very practical especially in today’s economic crisis and global warming issues.

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Solar Powered LED Flood Lights: The Avant-Garde Floodlights, Seekyt
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