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Some Amazing Features of McAfee Total Protection 2015

McAfee is one of the leading and well-known companies engaged in designing strong security solutions for your PCs. McAfee Total Protection 2015 is a new security program by the company, and its ensures complete safety of the PCs used by Internet users. Read below to know about some amazing features of Total Protection 2015 and their system requirements.

Many a times, users avail a free online virus scan to detect the presence of malicious codes, viruses, worms, Trojans, and other prominent infections on their devices. But up to what extent does free online virus scan help a user to combat against such threats? Well, researchers claim that availing free version of antivirus solutions simply offers basic protection against viruses. However, the paid versions assure complete protection against all the vulnerable threats. McAfee keeps on improving its existing product series by incorporating more features in the existing product lines. Total Protection 2015 is one of such examples and carries all the previous features along with an enhanced McAfee family protection tool to create a safer computing environment. Apart from offering comprehensive computer protection, advanced parental controls, and useful system utilities, the security program has all the below-mentioned features:

1. File Lock Encryption

McAfee’s File Lock helps you in creating plenty of vaults or encrypted folders for safe storage of all your sensitive files. While setting up the first File Lock, the program will ask you to choose and answer three security questions. These security questions will help you to unlock any of your vaults if you forget your password. You can easily name your vault, set its maximum size, and add a strong password to keep your crucial files out of the reach of hackers.

Additionally, the company also incorporates an inbuilt password rating tool that helps users to check the password strength. The encryption feature also includes a Shredder that helps you to delete the original in order to avail extra data security measures. Configure McAfee Total Protection 2015 to automatically close all vaults if they remain inactive for a specified period for ensuring advanced data theft protection.

2. Identity Theft

The second best feature of this antivirus software is its Anti-Theft File Protection, which ensures secure storage for sensitive files from online hackers and cyber criminals. The features simply setup a vault containing data files between 50MB to 4GB and protect it with a password to ensure limited or restricted access. Additionally, using this feature you can easily place the identity-theft vault in any other drive on your PC. Incorporation of utilities like a password generator, file encryption program, file shredder, and web site authentication tools makes this feature more credible and secured.

3. McAfee SiteAdvisor Live

The basic SiteAdvisor of McAfee’s product line classifies the search results on numerous malicious parameters. But McAfee SiteAdvisor Live adds green, yellow, or red icons to classify the link as safe, iffy, or dangerous. Additionally, you can also point your mouse cursor at the icon to see more details and basic information about why the website has got that rating. The SiteAdvisor Live extends its boundaries to the links in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, and scans them to prevent users from numerous online threats. Configure SiteAdvisor Live’s download protection to view the risk weightage of the downloaded content and stay safe from infectious downloads.

4. PC Tuneup Utilities

McAfee’s QuickClean feature ensures quick removal of unnecessary, unwanted and old files from your hard disk drive to boost your computer’s performance. However, deletion is not final as the deleted files get stored in Recycle Bin, and you’ll need to delete them permanently by emptying your Recycle Bin. The security program by McAfee still incorporates some of its usual PC tuneup features including a diagnostic report and startup manager, a registry cleaner, and a disk defragmenter.

5. Ease of Use, Online Help & Support

Total Protection 2015 enriched with advanced McAfee family protection features an easy-to-use UI along with a simple-to-understand installation process. If you’re not new to the company’s products, then you will find ease in navigating with this latest release. The security program by McAfee is easy to configure, and it adjusts itself according to the user’s requirements. McAfee provides immediate online technical support to help you with setup software, virus removal, error troubleshooting and other complex software issues. You can avail online tech support from the company over telephone, email or live chat, but remember that the company charges service fee for fixing software issues.


Undoubtedly, the Total Protection 2015 incorporates a good selection of system security tools along with McAfee SiteAdvisor Live feature that classifies malicious web links. One should never forget that malware authors and online hackers are smart enough to come up with some ways to infect your devices. The program is efficient in blocking stubborn malware, computer virus, and other potential threats, but cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness in blocking such infections. If you wish to uninstall McAfee Total Protection 2015, then first find and download an efficient antivirus solution as removing McAfee makes your system vulnerable to various online threats.

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