Some Funny Employee Recognition Awards That Are Fun and Not Poke Fun

It is said that the world is in a state that is forever changing. Right from the time of the dinosaurs and even beyond that, it has been seen that the species that did not adapt, perished. Over the millennia following the dinosaurs, apes began to evolve from being primary beings living on treetops and caves to the modern man living in towns and cities and has not just jumped out of the food chain but has sprung himself at the top of the system too.

In the process, humans have changed the way the world existed. From a tranquil place where time stood still and people were humane, to a place and time in the present where we need poets to remind us that we are running a blind race and that ‘we should take the time to stand and stare.’ One of the products and now also a cause is the mad rat race that has engulfed the whole world. This phenomenon has been accepted as a way of life ever since the industrial revolution.

Over the years that man started forming reporting lines to get into the production lines to earn the daily living, in fact to avoid the bread lines, companies have devised ways to incentivize their employees so that they continue to contribute to their best potential. There are several types and kinds of sometimes funny employee recognition awards that companies think of for the employees who have been not just more productive but also more proactive. In addition, they may have also been open to suggestions and putting in longer hours or taking shorter breaks.

Companies have been known to award employees that have put in exceptional efforts to not just excel at what they are paid for but also in some cases to go out of their way and make life easier o live for their co workers and colleagues. However, there are others who have proved to be just a necessary liability for the company. These are people who may have worked hard in their initial phase and may have been lethargic with the passage of time. And companies have their own ways of recognizing these people. Some old school companies may just pass the pink slips to them in an attempt to weed them out and make way for someone to fill in their shoes, while there are companies who seek to push them to wake up and get their acts together with a funny employee recognition awards program once every few months.

These funny employee recognition awards may comprise of a certificate that proclaims that they need to pull up their socks and present them with a pair of socks that are not their size. Or a can or case of energy drinks so that they realize that they have been drowsy and lethargic in the recent past. Whatever the kind of awards that the company thinks of, there is an underlying message that is sought to be driven home and that is ‘get your act together because the times are tough ahead’