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Some Important Facts About Canary Wharf, London

If you are baffled as to where to book your London Vacation Rentals while on your visit to the sizzling city of London Canary Wharf is indeed a place worth considering. The modern, commercial hub of the city Canary Wharf with its melange of high-rises and awe-inspiring sky-scrapers in located along the East end of London at the West India Docks of yore on the Isle of Dogs. The area’s charm lies in its fine blending of the modern architectural wonders amidst a medieval dockland setting replete with restaurants, bars and shops. The entertainment scene is ripe all seven days of the week and this makes Canary Wharf a great place to hang out with family and friends. For those visiting the area for the first time or contemplating on renting an apartment in Canary Wharf here are some interesting and important facts about this area in London.

Transport and Connectivity: One of the most important truths about Canary Wharf is its robust transport system, which connects it to the heart of the city’s West End on the Bond Street Station in mere 20 minutes. You do not even require changing lines if you wish to hit the main area to shop, dine or to attend work.

Canary Wharf Tower: The towering white Canary Wharf Tower makes up for the iconic structure of this place, standing 770 feet above the ground. It was considered the tallest edifice in the United Kingdom and is now only second to The Shard.

Shops: Shopping in Canary Wharf is a delightful indulgence to pamper shopaholics’ minds with. The Canary Wharf Tower itself embraces a cornucopia of shops, restaurants and cafes in its subterranean location. It houses some of the world-class brands like Marks and Spencers, Hugo Boss, Reiss and Karen Millen and ideal place to be with families. The Jubilee Place lying in close proximity to the Wharf tower is relatively smaller but nevertheless fascinating in its display of designer good stores.

River Frontage: Those looking for London vacation rentals in Canary Wharf can get plenty of options to rent in apartments with breathtaking views of the Thames River, which is quite wide in this area of the city. From party boats throbbing with vibrant songs to commuter, crafts plying from Greenwich to the Embankment area the sights are truly mesmerizing.

Entertainment Galore: Canary Wharf has no dearth of entertainment facilities with a plethora of cafes, bars and restaurants lining the area. Boisdale comprises one of the most upscale restaurants in the area while La Tasca and Browns reverberate in their own archaic worldly charm. The park areas at some distance give you opportunity to breathe in some fresh air away from the looming presence of the high-rises in the main streets.

International Airport: One of the best things about Canary Wharf is that it houses its own International Airport with direct flights to Milan, Barcelona, France, Zurich and Chambery each of which are known for their distinctive cultural faire and flavor.

Tranquil ambience: Finally, those wishing for some tranquil serenity in the bustling city of London can count on Canary Wharf with its magnanimous riverside presence to endow your senses with the much-desired solace. There are no arterial roads or mammoth train lines to other than the Docklands Light Railway Station, which hardly makes any noise to hinder with the peaceful ambience.

So if you are looking for a comprehensive stay in London consider opting for apartments in Canary Wharf for an enjoyable experience.

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