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Some Important Things to Delete While Exercising Computer Maintenance Procedures


If you have ever availed laptop repair service, then you must be aware that you need to delete some junk files to ensure smooth performance of your computing devices. Junk or temporary files can cause serious damage to PC components and may create some irreparable tech issues. Follow this article to know about several things that you should delete while managing your computer’s safety and performance.

You spend hundreds of dollars to purchase your dream computing machine, but what about deploying optimal PC maintenance strategies to keep it fit for a long run? Users generally don’t care about their computing gadgets as they think that they will replace them soon with the advanced technological gadgets. But what is bad about using them carefully and taking care of them to ensure hassle-free performance and longevity? Well, an experienced PC guru will always recommend taking good care of your digital devices because it makes them functional for many years. Additionally, ensuring proper maintenance of computer hardware and software is the key to enjoy fast and smooth computing experience.

Listed below are some the essential tips that you should not forget to follow while exercising your computer maintenance strategy:

1. Delete Temporary (temp) System Fragmented Files

Whenever you open, close, edit, save or perform any other action to your files, the hard disk drive saves a temporary copy of it. Sometimes, the hard drive also stores temporary files when you access a program or use it. Ideally, the temporary files should get deleted whenever a user closes the program, but this is not always the case. All these temporary files get collected on your hard disk over the time and fill the drive with unnecessary temp files.

Follow the steps mentioned below to clear out temporary files generated by computer programs:

• Click on ‘Start’ and select ‘Search’ button to open the ‘Search’ window

• In the search box, type ‘*.tmp’ to view all the temporary files

• Select ‘All Files or Folders’ option from the left on the ‘Search’ window and click ‘Search Now’ button

• Now, select all the entries and press ‘Delete’ key.

2. Delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies

When you browse the Internet websites, the websites store temporary files on the local computer in the form of browsing cache or cookies. The temporary Internet files contain information about the site including text, graphics, and other details. Over time, these files occupy considerable disk space and possess possible security hazards that may lead to serious cyber attacks or frauds.
Follow these steps to delete browsing cache and cookies in Internet Explorer:

• Go to Tools and select ‘Internet Options’ from the menu

• Look out for the ‘Temporary Internet Files’ section and click ‘Delete Cookies’ to remove cookies

• Now, click the ‘Delete Files’ option to remove temporary files

• Restart your Internet Explorer (IE) to experience a safer and faster browsing experience.

3. Empty Recycle Bin

Sometimes, pressing the Delete key only deletes the file from the desktop or respective folder, but not from the computer. The deleted files don’t get deleted immediately after pressing the Delete button, but it gets stored in the Recycle Bin for later recovery. Undoubtedly, the feature provides great data recovery support, but an over-cluttered Recycle Bin may result in slowing down your system speed, and may negatively impact its performance. Follow these steps to empty your Recycle Bin:

• Double-click on ‘Recycle Bin’ icon

• Ensure that it doesn’t carry any important file or folder that may require later recovery

• Click ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ button to remove all the files completely from the computer.

4. Remove Unnecessary Software

Your computer hardware components may turn sluggish due to unnecessary software install and heavy computer applications. You may have plenty of software installed on your PC that you don’t need anymore. These unwanted programs not only occupy disk space but also affects PC components and degrades system performance. You can easily increase some hard disk space by removing such unnecessary software and can boost system performance at its max.

Steps to remove unnecessary software:

• Click Start and then select Control Panel

• Select ‘Add/Remove Programs’ option and highlight the desired program to remove

• Click ‘Remove/Change’ option to get rid of these programs.


In addition to this, you should conduct standard virus scanning and defragging procedures to ensure complete safety of your computer hardware. Installing regular updates, keeping your drivers updated, cleaning your device internally and externally helps you to ensure that a computer is running in an optimize state. If you think that you’re unable to manage your device’s security, maintenance, and performance issues, then immediately ask for online tech help or avail in-store laptop repair service.

Some Important Things to Delete While Exercising Computer Maintenance Procedures
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