Some merits and demerits of the Adonis golden ratio program

Adonis golden ratio is a well know body building and fitness program that guarantee a lean and muscular body that will be appreciated, attracted and admired by all female over the world. Here we have discussed about some merits and demerits of this program
Merits of Adonis golden ratio program

  1. More than 5000 people all over the world has used this program and about 95% of these people has been successful in changing their body and building a muscular and lean body.
  2. Customized nutrition plan and workout plan according to Adonis index ratio which is suitable for the individual body. Simple and appropriate plans if followed can give better results.
  3. It is based on scientifically tested and proven method.
  4. Guideline, instructions manuals and videos provide detail information as to how to perform the exercises and get results.
  5. 70 workout customizedvideos to build a good physique.
  6. This program shapes the body and also makes it healthy and fit.
  7. Customized nutrition plan burn the fat and helps in gaining muscles.
  8. Excellent customer support is provided with this program.
  9. 60 days money back guarantee is also offered in this program. If not satisfied with this program one can claim back his money within 60 days.

Demerits of Adonis Golden ratio program

  1. It takes time to get the results. It is not that easy and simple for a new user.
  2. 70 workout videos are too much for anyone who uses this program for the first time.
  3. This program is meant only for men and not for women.

The key to success in this program is one’s willingness and desire to build an attractive body. This program needs continuous efforts and hard work to see the results. Only dedication and aggressiveness of an individual can lead him to his goal of making a lean muscular body.