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Some of the best rated Anime in history!

Here's some of the best rated animes in history! Enjoy!

Anime now is so much popular and it is worldwide known to everyone. Some even called it “Anime is the new “cartoon” of the century”. Somehow it does make sense, cartoon nowadays is no longer a trend compared to anime. Only the 90’s kids would watch cartoons such as Tom & Jerry, Bob the builder, Looney tunes and even the classic Flintstones! Before anime was even created, cartoons are the only entertainment for kids back then, it was so addictive for them that they would skip class or school just to watch their favourite shows every morning. As time goes on, cartoon that was created mostly in 2D and boring colours was getting dull and not really entertaining as it used to be. That is when the Japanese decided to create something out of “cartoons” to be more entertaining and attracted more viewers than before and Anime was born to deal with all those demands from the people. Anime now is created with lots of bright colours and 3D effects that could woo the crowds. Although there is still people watching cartoons such as The Simpsons, but in near future, Anime could possible wipe out the cartoons from the era. People are mainly attracted to Anime due to its realistic figures of peoples with big eyes, shapely curved body and importantly, the sexiness from it. Most of the girls and boys figures in anime are either really sexy or just plain sexy. From the tight shirts to the miniskirts and heels. The Japanese are smart all right, they could think of anything to just get the attention of the viewers. Sadly, even underage kids are permitted to watch these animes and most of them are surely to get addicted by now. Aside all the negativity, it does has some positivity too. Most of these animes does has its own lesson to be learnt to the public. Oh well, Japanese are known for their high integrity and morals too. It is not surprise from them. If it is your first time watching anime, here are some of the best and most watched anime in history:

  1. Naruto Shippudenassistir-naruto-shippuuden-dublado-todos-os-episódios-online
  • Naruto Shippuden is an action-adventure type of anime that portrays a young idiotic and immature ninja trying to be a “Hokage (Leader of a Village)” when he is old enough. Little does he know that deep down inside him lies a supernatural power of one of the ten tails that could be used as a destructiveweapon in the ninja world. This anime is so popular due to the skills and ninjutsu that the ninjas possess. Those who watch the show are said to be deeply ADIDICTED to it! There’s no gory or disgusting scenes in this show. It’s worth the watch! Also, this anime consist of more than 200+ episodes so viewers could spend their free time watching.
  1. Dragon Ball ZLjPi9
  • I would bet that most of the kids and even adults know this show! This anime was so popular that it has 9 seasons and a total of 291 episodes! In case if you didn’t know this show, Dragon Ball Z portrays a young muscular super power being, Goku who defends the earth from all a series of villains that also has super power and some of them could even take down Goku if he was alone. Most viewers are addicted to this anime is because of the unique abilities and power each main character has. One of the most popular abilities from Goku is the “Kamehameha”. Goku absorbs and releases a massive amount of power that could annihilate a one-hit KO to his opponent. Besides, this show also delivers intense and a lot of meaningful messages such as do not give up and also trust is very important to the viewers. A MUST WATCH SHOW!
  1. PokemonEnglish_Pokémon_logo.svg
  • This is also one of the well-known anime that has ever produced by the late Satoshi Tajiri. Pokemon is the pet-power type of anime that has been so popular to kids and even adults that it even has their own theme park in Japan. Main character for this anime is the famous Ash Ketchum with his trusty partner pet Pikachu. In a world full of unique and diverse monsters that allows everyone to keep it as pets or use to fight against other people has brought lively entertainment to everyone. Ranging from cute monster to a big and powerful creatures, Ash Ketchum decides to go on a journey to meet as many as he can and also to be the most powerful monster trainer in the world. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ANIMES IN HISTORY TOO!
  1. The Law of Uekiindex
  • Ueki is a simple-minded fellow that has superpowers so as to most of the people in this anime. This show is mostly on battle among supernatural power people and the competition to get to the top and earn the “god” title of the next Celestial World. Even though not everyone has superpowers in this show but most of the people are addicted to their comedic scenes and their lively adventures. In this competition, the winner will receive a “Blank Zai” that could be used for anything they wanted or crave for, even request for a new ability could also be done! If you’re looking for some laughter-adventure shows, then this is RECOMMENDED anime in the history!

To summarise everything, anime is worth watching Japanese cartoon that everyone should consider to watch. Regardless of age, one should try watching the above to fully understand the “addictiveness” of those who are crazy about it!

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