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Some of the famous brands whose eye makeup products have

The most beautiful feature of a person is their eyes; they can show ones personality and their style. Some of the essential beauty makeup products include: eyeliner, eye shadow and my personal favorite mascara. gained popularity worldwide in present trend are Stila, NARS cosmetic, Beth Bender Beauty, Chanel, Smashbox, MAC cosmetics, Bare Escentuals, Givenchy.

The most important thing with eye makeup is applying it in a way that suits your eye color/style. Even the highest quality products can give a disastrous look to your eyes if they are not applied correctly. Below are a few tips for proper application of eye makeup.

Eye Shadow:
Choosing your eye shadow is task that even the pros have to take their time with. There are so many different things that go into choosing the perfect eye shadow (time of day, season, style, eye color, skin tone, etc) However, after choosing the correct and best eye shadow you’ll be able to use those colors over and over. When you apply eye shadow to your eyes, try to prefer dark color and for better effect apply it to the whole eyelid. Then above the primary shade apply light shade. Correctly below eye brows. While choosing an eye shade, choose it according to the color of your outfit. If your outfit is in multi-color, then multi-color shades will give attractive funny look.

Most women use mascara for obtaining a natural look as well as to make your eyelashes look thick, long, curvy and even dark.
Applying mascara is a very easy thing but it need to be applied in better manner. Mascara is applied to the eye lashes from the base of it to tip. Most of the women prefer black color but even some prefer other colors also. Mascara not only color your eye lashes but also slightly curls it.

Earlier all women used to prefer only black and in the market also black color only available. But now they are available in different colors. These days eye liners are even available in liquid, pencil and powder form. These 3 forms can be applied to your eye at above and below. In a single stroke starting from inside to the outside corner is the best method applying eye liner to the eyes. The Eye liner should be applied after the completion of applying eye shadow and mascara. Therefore, eye make-up completes. Due to the long wear ability and easy application eyeliners have gained popularity.

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