News Some tips before you buy a used laptop

Some tips before you buy a used laptop


Modern society desperately need tools to work, study, business, entertainment and other personal needs, so you need a laptop and other gadgets such as smart-phones and other devices. Any laptop nowadays is a necessity for some people and no longer a luxury anymore. However, new laptop prices are still high be a major barrier to own this versatile item. Moreover, if the condition of our bags are less encouraging.

But do not worry, though with limited funds the opportunity to have a nice laptop and good quality still wide open. The trick is to buy a used laptop.

Some people did say that the notion of quality used laptops laptop is not as good as new. And the assumption was not wrong, but can not be denied that any laptop that has a lot of good qualities. In fact, we can save a lot of money if you managed to get a laptop that is still good at prices far cheaper than a new laptop.

Here I will give you tips on buying a used laptop to get a good outcome and quality:

Tip 1: Check the physical form of external laptop
Physical form is a priority that must be considered in choosing a laptop while not rule out the possibility that good physical shape is not necessarily a good content too. However, many argue that the physical form of the outside is a reflection of the physical form that is inside. Nice exterior usually it is also good. Someone will feel reluctant to check if the physical form in the outer physical form alone is not known. So, beyond the physical form is a very important factor.

Tip 2: Where do you buy
Decide where you would buy a laptop. There are several options that can be used as a place to buy a used laptop. The first one we could go to local dealers in our area. Secondly, we can take advantage of buying and selling sites on the Internet. When you buy a laptop at the local dealers usually have higher prices than buying through buying and selling sites on the Internet because it is usually a local dealer to take a high enough profit from the sale.

Tip 3: Check the Monitor
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is probably the most expensive component in a laptop. Carefully check the monitor. How, in the condition of the laptop is on, switch on the blank screen saver.Check the entire surface of the LCD, is there any lines that pass vertically or horizontally. If there is, it’s better just revert intention to buy the laptop. Because we know that the price of an LCD (if you have to be replaced) is almost the same as the price of the laptop itself.

Tip 4: Check Laptop Battery
The battery is a very important component in the laptop. Batteries that drop, will reduce the usability of the laptop. Check how long the battery until it can survive. Check also whether battery charging can take place smoothly or halting. Character, if the adapter that connects a laptop with electric heat, means the power to the battery charging process is not going well, except the condition of the battery is full.

Tip 5: Check that all devices
Check all the devices on the laptop as Wireless, Blue-tooth, CD / DVD Writer, Web-cam, USB and others. Ensure all work well.There is one device that does not function properly, will be making our own future.

Tip 6: Provision of warranty
Find the laptop that the official warranty is still valid. Check the warranty seals are also available on the laptop is still in good condition all. If indeed the warranty period is up, ask the store to provide a warranty. Because minor deficiencies on a laptop will typically appear 1-3 months later.

Tip 7. Do not be tempted with Super Cheap Prices
As a reference, for the brands that do have good quality like Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Apple, Dell even though the former still has a fairly high market prices. In addition, the specifications also affect the price of a used laptop (hard drive, RAM, CD / DVD, LCD, Processor). What is the point in buying a cheap price if lower specification and less good condition.

Such tips on buying a used laptop that I can give. Hope can be used as reference material to obtain good quality laptops at low prices.

You can ask a friend to accompany you to choose the laptop, so you get advice about specifications, prices and stores that can be trusted. Hopefully you can soon find a laptop that you dreamed of.

Some tips before you buy a used laptop
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