Some Valuable HTML Tags We Should Always Be Aware

HTML is the heart and soul of web development. There is no better platform for clean coding and SEO friendly websites than HTML. PSD to HTMLconversion has become the choice of most developers around the world. Every element appearing in the website is well defined with this technique. Most of the successful websites around the world have been developed using this technique. When you convertPSD to XHTML/HTMLnot only do you get a website which is high on functionality but the visual appearance is of your choice to the last pixel.

Important HTML Tags in PSD to HTML Conversion

  • Body – This is perhaps the most important of all the HTML tags that we know. It defines the whole body of the website. Body contains all the elements and attributes that we see in an HTML code. It includes all the attributes of the page such as background, background color, text, link, background properties, top margin, left margin etc.
  • Header – The header contains contain the section’s heading. The header element can also be used to wrap a section’s table of contents, a search form, or any relevant logos. It may be used in the form of H1, H2, H3 etc. to define the subheadings in a page. This helps in breaking content into logical parts.
  • Title – Denoted asTitle, this is one of the most important HTML tags in your code. This defines the title of the document which appears in the browser toolbar. Search engines use this page title while listing your website or a page in the SERP (search engine results page). This is o great importance as it states the content of the page in a few words.
  • Meta Description –In the HTML body this tag appears as . Here the page is defined in brief. In PSD to CSS /HTML this plays a vital role as Meta description often decides the success or failure of your website. It appears in the search engine results as the description just below the page title.
  • Division – This HTML tag is used for defining a section of your document. With the div tag, you can group large sections of HTML elements together and format them with CSS. In PSD to HTML Conversionwhere the entire structure comes in as a single image this tag helps in defining the different sections of the website. It has several other attributes such as class, style, align etc. which help in beautifying the website. It also brings in interactivity with the use of attributes such as onmouseup, onclick, onkeypress etc.

To convert PSD to HTML hire the services of professionals. Many web development companies specialize in this technique and hiring their services would be ideal as the coding involves thorough knowledge of HTML and not every developer can develop a highly functional websites out of an image. So be choosy about the developers you hire for PSD to HTML conversion as this will add a lot to your brand value.