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Some Women Don’t Care

There are women who marry for money or position.

They don’t announce it, they may not even tell their best friend.  But the day they say ‘yes‘ there are no stars in their eyes.  It is no romantic moment, it is the culmination of a calculated campaign to obtain a useful male to portray the ‘husband’ in their lives.

These women may marry a man  to advance their status.  They may marry to move to a more salubrious environment.  They may marry because it is convenient. They do not marry for love, in fact, not loving the man is why they are marrying him.

Their first concern is the wedding, then the honeymoon, then the newly wed home.   The kind of life they plan to live in that newly wed home is the focus.

That the man they marry is unfaithful is as important to them as the colour of the cap on the toothpaste.

They really don’t care what he does as long as he does not give them a disease or encroach on their personal space.

These women marry without illusion, get their name on everything, get their lives organised and relax into their chosen path.

Whether their desire is getting an education, obtaining their own business, or just getting a fan of raw cash, their reasons for marriage have nothing to do with love.

In these relationships there may be a pre-nup, but if it is too onerous, there would not be a marriage.

Pointedly, the wives sign no agreement to permit adultery. They do not even speak of the topic.

She, the wife, perhaps the mother of his children, simply decides not to ‘catch’ him.  She goes out of her way not to permit a drama to unfold.

If she has a boyfriend, she is beyond discreet, because she has no intention of upsetting her comfortable nest.

The husband, the village ram,  may be totally unaware that his wife knows everything he does and with who, and couldn’t care less.

The husband may think the wife is content sitting home alone or is fulfilled by the children.   If he thinks of her at all.

She, getting excellent legal advice makes sure that if/when he divorces her to marry his current gal, she leaves with as much as she can get.

Often, the divorce is withdrawn when gal realises she won’t get the big house or that fancy car.

It always seems kind of creepy that a woman would marry a man she doesn’t love for things and status, but a lot of women do.  A lot of women have grown to believe all men are…. hence there is no difference between the 57 year old millionaire and the 27 year old sports star.

Sure, having sex with the sports star should be more fun than with the millionaire, but in the words of Queen Victoria, one closes her eyes and thinks of England.

With so many marriages ending in divorce, one wonders if love is an illusion and the only real is cash and kind.

Hence, women are moving to that stage in which sex and love and companionship are to be purchased outside of marriage.



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