Souls Hanging In The Balance

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With souls hanging in the balance, heavy is my heart,

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what should I do God, tell me what would be smart?

One word I say, one action I do, might tip the scales,

heaven or hell, Lord I fear, I’m ringing the prayer bells.

My soul to give account, for myself, but for others also,

tears have I not kept from my eyes, burdened is my soul!

The night watch is long, I see the enemy entering the camp,

I sound the trumpet, I give a shout, but concern seems damp.

Where is the fire that once burnt for souls that are lost?

Shall we retreat and say it’s over, all His workers exhaust?

I say not, it was Paul and Silas, after beaten, to pray,

to give praises at midnight, God answered in a mighty way!

We have the power, victory is ours, the torch, to carry,

flames of salvation to the lost, our work we must not tarry.

The weight of much wickedness in this world seems unfair,

with the sceptor of righteousness held high, we will not scare!

Mine eyes will not take rest, when the battle is so fierce,

my Savior on the cross, hands, feet, and side they did pierce.

My hands not idle, when my Jesus paid such a high price,

my feet not still, until all souls, rest with peace so nice!!!

Souls Hanging In The Balance, Seekyt

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Souls Hanging In The Balance, Seekyt
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