South Africa’s Unique Organic Natural Health Products

One of the primary components of South Africa’s legendary biodiversity is its extraordinarily rich and varied plant life. There are over 18 000 different plant species which flourish in a number of distinct biomes, 80 percent of which are endemic to the country.

Valuable Natural Health Care Resources

Many of these indigenous herbs and plants have been earmarked for millennia as valuable natural resources used in the treatment of ailments and illnesses. The intrinsic knowledge of traditional healers has been passed down through the generations, knowledge that has, at long last, been firmly embraced and scientifically tested in the modern research laboratories of South Africa, Europe and North America.

The Famous Fynbos Biome

One of the most prolific and well known of South Africa’s plant biomes, fynbos, occurs exclusively in the Cape. Although it comprises only 5.3 percent of the total land mass, it is home to over 8 500 species, 68 percent of which only occur in this minute area.

Organic South African Herbs with Healing Powers

It is, however, the area’s unique and entirely organic natural health care products, together with those in the arid Karoo, that are particularly priceless – Buchu, Pelargonium Sidoides, Hoodia gordonii, Honeybush, Rooibos and Devil’s Claw!

Buchu Herb

South Africa’s Unique Organic Natural Health Products

There are few plants on the planet that are as multifaceted and effective as the Buchu herb of the genus Agathosma. Research has shown that the oil organically extracted from the leaves of the Buchu plant is a natural cure for a variety of unpleasant ailments and illnesses.

Active ingredients and their health care functions include:

  • Diosphenol – a powerful antiseptic and natural diuretic, which is particularly effective in combating UTIs, prostatitis and the inflammation of the kidneys and colon.
  • Limonene – promotes the eradication of uric acid and mucous from the kidneys, which in turn combats gout and rheumatism.
  • Quercitin – a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine which fights arthritis and provides relief from allergies.
  • Rutin – has anti-viral, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties that treat varicose veins, poor blood circulation and high blood pressure.

Devil’s Claw

South Africa’s Unique Organic Natural Health Products

Another highly effective resident is Devil’s Claw, a plant that grows in the arid areas of South Africa. Medicinal properties found in the roots of the plant treat arthritis, reduce pain and fever and stimulate digestion. It has, in fact, been recognised by the British Herbal Pharmacopeia as containing analgesic, diuretic and sedative properties, properties that have proven beneficial in the treatment of rheumatism, diabetes, lumbago, hardening of the arteries and gastrointestinal problems.

Pelargonium Sidoides

South Africa’s Unique Organic Natural Health Products

Also known as South African Geranium, Pelargonium sidoides has been extensively tested in Europe. It has been found to be as effective as antibiotics in the treatment of acute bronchitis, sinusitis, chronic ear, nose and throat infections, and a variety of flu strains. Its powerful antibacterial qualities routinely attack resistant staphylococcus strains with a high success rate.

How to find Organic Buchu health Care Products

Organically grown and harvested Buchu oil has been scientifically formulated into a range of highly effective health care products by Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals.

You can browse the extensive Buchu health care range – Pain Relief Capsules, UTI Relief Capsules, Anti-Inflammatory Capsules, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic and Anti-Fungal Gel & Herbal Buchu Water – online at the Buchulife branded website. Read the customer testimonials, the Buchu Ailment Directory and the published articles and clinical trials for all the necessary facts and figures on the amazing Buchu herb.