South Carolina Historical Information

South Carolina Historical Information

South Carolina is one of the most popular states among the 50 states that make up USA, its capital city being Columbia. The name ‘South Carolina’ came from the Latin name ‘Carolus’ which is the translation of the English name ‘Charles’. The state was supposedly named after King Charles I by his son who rose to the throne of his father to become King Charles II after he passed on. The two closest states bordering South Carolina include North Carolina, which is towards the North, and Georgia. South Carolina is also in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Early Inhabitants

The early people to settle on the land that we now know as South Carolina were Native Indians who settled across the land in many different groups that included the Moratok, Machapunga, Saponi and Catawba. The existence of South Carolina can be traced back as far as 13000BC where the early inhabitants at this time mainly relied on hunting for food but later started to engage in trade across the coastlines and as the population grew, agriculture was also incorporated as an economic practice among the people. Although many other crops were planted by the early inhabitants, cotton remained the most popularly planted crop even during the colonial period.

Colonial Regime

Three main countries had shown interests in taking over South Carolina during the colonial phase: England, Spain and France. However the Spanish and the French people were the first to attack and conquer several parts of South Carolina before the English people made a formal conquest. England’s efforts to take over SC began when Queen Elizabeth I gave Sir Walter Raleigh a charter with orders to look for remote lands for England to extend its authority to in 1584. By 1585 Roanoke Island had already been claimed by England but it was not until 1691 that the land was finally given the name ‘South Carolina’.

During the territorial wars between England, France and Spain from 1756-1763; England overpowered both France and Spain claiming a better part of South Carolina that was under their rule. England and Britain then continued to rule over South Carolina until the American Revolution.

Slavery and Freedom

Foreign invasion of South Carolina was the main cause of increased demand for slaves among the local people as slaves were needed to provide labor for agriculture among other activities that required human effort. However this resulted in retaliation from the Indian natives during the Yemasee War of 1715 making the colonial settlers to later opt for African slaves. It was these African laborers that worked on cotton and rice farms and were also used to build dams. After the American Revolution, slavery was lifted in some parts of North and South Carolina but it was still practiced in the larger part of SC because white settlers, who were still the minority, saw slavery as the only way they could maintain their supremacy.

Nonetheless slavery was abolished completely in 1865 and the constitution that USA was using at that time was amended to ensure that slavery would never again be practiced.

Early Governance

The American Revolution was accompanied by the new governance of South Carolina American authority now taking charge of the land. The major factor that triggered the revolution was the high taxes that the British government was levying on the colonies under the American rule. The reconstruction that followed in the period from 1865-1877 saw Africans starting being included in the government although their authority was limited as compared to their white counterparts.

Republicans under Wade Hampton III were the early ruling party with their political rivals, The Democrats, having a large number of followers as well. Over the years, more political fights arose and slowly Africans started being recognized as equal to the Whites until the current peace, harmony and reconciliation between the two races was finally achieved.

South Carolina generally has a rich history and the state’s contribution to the history of America cannot be ignored. With the many tourist attractions that it has, South Carolina is one of the States in the US that can give you the best tourist experience ever.