South University – Pursue excellence

South University – Introduction

South University has for a long time enjoyed a standard of excellence from its students. This could be attributed to its personal attention it gives to students. The university has been open since 1899 when Dr. John Draughon established a business college in Savannah Georgia.

South University Growth

South University had a very humble beginning and it experienced rapid growth over time. It saw the college advancing from a college that offered two year programs to a full fledge university that offers four year degree programs. The programs offered include graduate and undergraduate with locations all around the United States. With over 10 campuses there are many opportunities for students to enroll in a program of their choice in South University.

South University – Continued Excellence

With their four year degree programs, South University is determined to continue their standard of excellence with each new set of students. They are recognized as innovators of higher education and they have introduced their South University online program which now enables students to pursue their programs online. Their online school offers graduate and undergraduate programs that range from Criminal Justice to an MBA.

South University Accreditation

The Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and schools have accredited South University to be able to award associates, bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. Therefore students can feel safe and comfortable to apply there as they are considered to be a top school that has the entire ability to issue the appropriate degrees.

Programs offered in South University

South University empowers students to pursue whatever dream and career goal they may have. There are many programs offered at South University that spans associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. There are also accelerated degree programs and online programs available.

South University is divided into six college disciplines in which the different programs are offered. They are:

College of Business

The college of business offers programs of a business nature. These include business administration, accounting, healthcare management and information technology.

College of Creative Arts and Design

Under this faculty, programs are offered in Design, Media Arts, Culinary and Fashion.

College of Health Professions

Programs such as health science, medical assisting, physical therapy and anesthesiology are offered by this faculty. There are other courses offered that are related to the health industry.

College of Nursing

This college offers both RN and BSN degree programs to students. There are also a bachelor’s and an accelerated master’s degree program in Nursing.

School of Pharmacy

This faculty offers the Doctor of Pharmacy program in an accelerated degree format that focuses on quality training.

South University Summary

The undergraduate and graduate programs offered at South University are geared towards training and preparing students towards a successful career. There are many degree programs to choose from and you are guaranteed to find a program to help you achieve your goals. There is an online option that can fit into the lives of busy individuals and offer them the same quality of education. The school always focuses on excellence and that shows in all the quality programs that are offered there.