Spam, Vodka and Other Eccentric Floor Cleaners

We all have certain tasks that have to be completed no matter how mundane they may seem. Amongst some frequently despised tasks is the painful, yet necessary chore of maintaining our floors. Between our homes, places of work and venues we visit, there is a substantial amount of cleaning to be done. Budgeting Magazine reports that the cleaning industry generates roughly $168 billion in revenue per year. As luck would have it, people have come up with numerous ways to make cleaning a little more interesting.
Fed up with scrubbing, sweeping, buffering and everything in between, people have come up with bizarre ways around customary cleaning methods. Online bloggers boast about how easy it is to remove carpet stains with toothpaste or vodka. They also swear by the notion that a little chunk of spam wrapped up in panty hose will give wooden floors polish and shine that otherwise only a used floor buffer could reveal. Although I do not question the validity of these claims, I certainly question how they discovered these strategies.
While people have stumbled upon strange cleaning methods, they have invented even more unusual cleaning devices. Robotic sweeper scrubber shoes are one popular offbeat invention. Although these would only be fashionable for a Star War’s Stormtrooper, they do feature attention-grabbing technology. The cordless shoes have actual rotary cleaners that kill bacteria and feature LCD monitors to indicate battery levels. Additionally, there is a floor cleaning machine created by a Japanese robot company that scrubs the floors and projects movies at the same time. The unique machine resembles “Rosie” from the television show, The Jetsons, and costs a hefty $85,000. Although these inventions definitely have a cool factor, their practicality is doubtful.
Even though feeling like you are on a mission to capture Princess Leia while you run/sweep your floors may be fun, you are better off simply investing in a quality floor cleaning machine. A floor scrubber machine takes 10 minutes to cover what a mop and brush covers in one hour. Numerous commercial cleaning companies rely on floor scrubbers to get the job done because they are affordable and efficient.
According to Advance, a popular floor scrubber brand, labor alone is responsible for 90% of cleaning costs – a statistic that floor cleaning machines can easily improve upon. Time and cost efficiency as well as cleaning performance make floor cleaning machines irreplaceable in the commercial cleaning world. In the end, while it’s nice to fantasize about making floor maintenance entertaining, investing in an actual floor scrubber machine can save both time and money.