Special Meaning Behind A Purity Ring

If you’re unsure of what a purity ring is or if you don’t know the point behind a purity ring, then it can be hard to listen to people talk about it…after all, you have no idea what they’re talking about! So, here are a few great reasons to explain the special meaning behind such a ring…and to give you a better idea of why you should check into a true love waits ring yourself.


A purity ring is a commitment, normally a religious one, that you will not have sexual relations until you finally get married—until you find someone that you want to be with for the rest of your life. Not, this might seem silly—how will you gain experience? That’s the beauty of it—you learn with your partner and only your partner. There’s no weird “So…who have you…?” conversation and you don’t have to worry about catching anything, assuming that you’re both faithful. If you can make that commitment until marriage, you can make it forever. That’s the beauty of the promise behind the purity ring.


It’s a liberating and beautiful feeling to say that you made it twenty some years or even more without giving into temptation. It makes you feel stronger as a person and lets you know that you’re your OWN person. A purity ring doesn’t define you—what you did yourself did. There are people who wear the ring without following the creed. Those that do are special in that they waited as long as possible until they found the right person—someone who hopefully has the same morals as them. Regardless, it’s pretty darn great to feel that way! It’s definitely a boost and it also keeps you from heartbreak…. It’s worth it to make the pledge and wear a purity ring.

It’s Easier

Physical intimacy completely complicates a relationship. There’s a lot more to it than just hanging out playing Harry Potter Quidditch with one another. It brings in emotional problems, physical problems…pretty much physical intimacy is affected by everything that’s going on, so everything all of a sudden becomes a problem. This is why it’s easier to wait until you’re married. This is another reason why a purity ring represents commitment. You don’t have to make a commitment in that manner until you finally get married and find someone who you’re willing to share these problems with—and someone who loves you enough to help you out. This is why the purity ring is so special…