Speeding up a Slow PC

One day you are working smoothly on your computer, trying to finish up the assignment in an attempt to submit it well before the deadline. Next thing you know the system becomes unresponsive and starts to give you a hard time in extracting the best out of it. It is like your PC has waged a war against you. It is really difficult to work on a slow computer as productivity is affected. It becomes irksome to deal with slowly working programs, a barely running internet connection or a computer that is acting like it is about succumb anytime. A lot of reasons are responsible for making a computer slow. And to take care of them, you can either take your slow PC to the repair center to have it checked and repaired or you can avail the online remote computer support.


Online remote computers support services are just like their offline counterparts except support is brought to you, not the other way round. You can avail online slow PC support by contacting the remote support provider and he will connect your system with his using a remote desktop connection software. This way he is able to gain virtual access of your slow PC and perform diagnostics and scans to locate the cause of the problem. So needless to say, locating the root of the problem is the first thing online remote computer support providers do. Without having any information about the issues, it is not possible to even commence with the support process. So whenever anything happens to a computer, especially when it becomes slow, an online technician will look for following issues:

• Is PC running slow because of low memory space?  Overloading of drives is not advised as it leaves no room for system processes to run.If this is the case, online technician will suggest you to remove programs and applications that you don’t use.

• Is PC running slow after the installation of a particular program? If online technician has reached to this conclusion then this means that program is not compatible with the operating system on your pc. Download and install the latest version of the program that has been causing the computer slowdown.

• Another thing that the technician will look is for corrupt or overflowing registry keys. Even if we delete or uninstall programs from computer, their registry keys remain in the database. As the time passes, keys of old files overflow and cause the registry to bloat. This interferes with the performance of RAM and causes it to overwork. This is not a desirable situation. So it becomes imperative to effectively clean registry database and get rid of corrupted and old registry entries.

• Is your PC acting slowly only when you are browsing the internet? Then there might be some problem with your internet connection. Contact your internet provider and inform them about the issues you have been facing.

• Presence of malwares especially viruses is known to cause speed related issues. Viruses get downloaded on the system, replicate themselves and get stored in various sectors such as boot up sector, user’s library etc. and interfere with their normal functioning. In more than half of the cases, it was found that presence of a malware was causing the slowdown. After locating the malware online technician will use antivirus to thwart them from your PC.

• Computer cleaning involves deletion of temporary and duplicate files. Accumulation of redundant files such as these will cause pc slowdown. Online technician will look for temp files on your pc using their own tools. When all such files have been scanned and found, they will be deleted. It is necessary to delete temp files as they end up taking huge chunks of space in the hard drive. In a lot of cases of pc slowdown, deletion of temp files is the most effective way to boost up pc speed.

• Is your computer taking time to boot up? Online technician will reduce the number of startup programs and disable the ones that are not necessary. The difference will be observed the next time you will turn on your PC. It will start up very quickly.

To gain PC support, getting the services of a good and reliable online remote computer support provider is suggested as it will help you save a lot of time and money. Also, the support process can be started the moment they are made aware of the problem.