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Spin up some fun dressing with Sarongs

A Sarong as summer vacation fashion accessory or something accessorizing your swim suit became the current fashion trend. Though, not something newly introduced. Sarongs have always stayed in fashion over a long time and widely used and experimented with to bring out new styles. Apart from the style statement it can be worn any which ways you please. They are available in various sizes, colors and material.

The classic vacation look with Sarong wraps

For a long time this has been a popular accessory when it comes to appear like a travel or a person on vacation on any sunny day. It is neither a traditional nor a modern look which makes it even more appealing. Apart from just covering your waist and thighs you can wear it in many ways where it can even beat a dress. One has to just explore the various styles of wrapping it up. Not just as an accessory but as a complete dress. Some of the popular styles involve one shoulder dress where it is tied on one of the shoulders; side slit dress; harem pant jumpsuit; halter dress, etc which are some of the innovative styles of wrapping over Sarongs.

Giving a lot of detailing to accessories is never an option while planning on a vacation but if you consider taking it as an accessory and covers up well as a dress as well which can be worn in different styles. Wrap it around your hips as a skirt or wrap it over your neck as a dress.

Wearing Sarong as a dress: different styles

Many are familiar with using Sarong as long or short skirt tied around the waist or worn as side slit dress, halter dress, etc. But certain styles of wearing it make it as good as any other dress. You can wear it as a toga dress, bandeau cascade dress, draped dress, etc. Wearing it as a dress is actually quite easy for instance here is how you wear it as a draped dress. First you need to wrap it around the front of your body by holding it vertically. Then by gathering the two top corners tie them loosely over the back of your neck which leaves the material draping at the front. Then just pull one of the edges around your back such that you cover yourself and finally tie the other edge at your waist using a double knot.

One must be certain to tie the knot or secure it in such a way that it doesn’t slips off. Clips or brooches are great accessories to use over it to secure your item they also enhance the look. If you are not sure of dressing up in Sarongs you can use it as a simple shawl draped over your shoulder.

The right length and the right material you need to have

The size of the piece is normally determined by the size of your waist. For instance if your waist size is around 30′ to 32” then you can comfortably opt for a piece of 66” in length and depending n this measurement you can pick out the right size based on your waist size. But this is for using it as a skirt. If you are keen on trying out various ways of using it as a dress then the plus size item is the one you need to opt for which usually measures anything from 77”X44” to 100”X44”.

Mini Sarong or the half Sarong is ideal for using as shawls or scarf. It ties help you to keep your item tied on and picking them up while picking it is a good move. Whether you want to wear it as a skirt or a dress this cloth accessory which is either of cotton or silk is a handy piece that can be easily carried in your luggage bag and experimented with to bring out a new style. Try out different patterns with simple plains and printed patterns that blend with your complexion. Have a neutral color like black with light prints to bring out a traditional Sarongs look. Light silk with multiple colors is as an ideal item for a sunny beach day.

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