Spirituality in Midlife Happiness

Researchers have done extensive research to compare religious and spiritual people. The result was that spiritual people compared to religious ones are happier about their lives and recover faster and easily after traumatic events. Psychologists too reveal that spirituality plays a role in making midlife period a healthier and comfortable time. This can be attributed to the fact that spiritual awakening occurs at this period as human beings seek to find the true meaning and value in their life.

So what is the exact connection between spirituality and mid life happiness? In the event of hard times, they are able to seek their comfort in the spiritual realm. They are distracted from the stress and hustle of their every day life and are able to concentrate on their personal life. Spirituality also allows them to nurture qualities of compassion and they are able to care for the less fortunate around them. They derive a lot of happiness from this and become happier about themselves as well as others.

While at this age, mid life comes with a lot of responsibilities. Family life and work are at their peak. As they are trying to take stock of their life, they too are reinforcing life’s meaning. They create a new identity in regard to their spiritual life. At this stage, they need a lot of encouragement that they can do it, the awe and hope that comes with this joy of having a spiritual awakening is just what they need at this age.

Spiritual awakening and spirituality becomes part of the adult growth requirement as they grow older. It is not just what they want to do, but the society too puts pressure on them. The society is harsh on its members. It rewards and punishes people on the basis of their performance. While it expects them to perform, it may not provide means of how it will go through about it. Most people in their midlife thus seek solace in the spiritual world as the only solution in helping them meet their needs while at the same time making it a more enjoyable period.