Splitting PDF Files

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Ever had a great PDF document you wanted to show or share with others, but there were just some unnecessary parts that you would rather be left out? I know the feeling. It can be so annoying to scroll through pages and pages of seemingly useless content just to get to the three important pages that you actually need people to read. Of course you could always just tell them to get over it and scroll their little hearts away while you apologize for the hassle, but better yet, you can solve the problem in a much simpler and convenient way.

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Okay okay, so what the heck am I talking about that could be so convenient? Is it a magic wand that somehow makes all the useless pages disappear? Well… kind of. It’s not so much a magic wand as it is this wonderful thing called the internet. You see, in this day of incredible technological advances and seemingly endless amounts of information, it feels like anything we want to know or fix can be done using the internet. Am I right or am I right? I mean seriously, we can order food and have it delivered to us without even having to get off the couch (except to actually answer the door and grab the food… which may or may not be my version of working out). So, with this incredibly wonderful and useful tool (that I know is available to you because you are reading this article), you can edit your PDF and cut out pages that you deem unnecessary. Want to know how? Here we go:

Splitting PDF Files, SeekytThe first thing you’ll need to do is save the PDF file you want to split in a place that is easy to remember and simple to get to. Creating a new folder just for these files is one of the easiest ways to do this. After that, head on over to the internet to find a website or program that will be able to split your PDF files. A great (and free!) one to use is called FoxyUtils (https://foxyutils.com/splitpdf/). This website is super easy to navigate; I had no trouble figuring it out the first time I used it. Once you’re there you’ll hit the browse button, which will open up a window where you can find the PDF file you want to split. Again- this is much easier if you have saved the file in its own folder. Once you’ve selected the file you want to split, type in the page range that you want taken out. So if there’s a section you don’t need from pages 37-42, you would type those numbers into the boxes. Lastly, hit the red button that says “Split PDF.” Once you’ve done this, your new file is ready to download and use!

Seriously, it could not be any simpler than that. You could literally order your food online, and then split your PDF file before it’s even delivered. Talk about efficiency! Now, go split all the files your heart desires, and impress everybody with how direct and easy to read your PDF files are.

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Splitting PDF Files, Seekyt
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