Spondylolisthesis, A Big Name For Big Pain

Spondylolisthesis is a back problem that ,for me ,falsely felt as if I may need hip surgery. The pain is caused by the a forward or backward slippage of the vertebrae compared to the adjacent vertebrae. This results, as is the case with me, extreme pain around the lower back area towards my right hip. The problem is when this happens the vertebrae being out of alignment, the result is the nerve roots at the base of your spine get crushed. There is the pain, sometimes that brings tears to my eyes, we sufferers of this Spondylolisthesis have to endure.

The initial symptoms are, tightness on you lower back, thighs, or hamstrings, numbness or weakness in the legs due to nerve compression. In my case added to this list, the reason I went to a specialist, was extreme pain around my hip while walking slowly, standing too long, or just a long hard days work.

The worse part of this Spondylolisthesis for me was the unbearable pain one can endure. This can lead some people to quit their jobs, or even limit simple chores, like house cleaning, or yard work to a few minutes at a time. For me , and as for some, pain killers do not work.

Research in the website, http://www.medicinenet.com informs you that an MRI, or a lateral x-ray from the side will show the slippage of the lower vertebrae either forward or backward if you have Spondylolisthesis. The website also tells you the condition is either from a birth defect, to improper lifting, or just heavy stress on your body from sports, or even gymnasts are likely to develop this.

Treatments should include physical therapy, possible stiff brace, and medications, such as steroid injections. But the key here is to just take it easy on your back. Surgery is considered as a last option only after you have exhausted all other avenues with no relief in the pain. Only by a specialist such as, http://www.laserspineinstitute.com or any facility you do heavy research on.

The surgery is called, Spinal Fusion , and its as rough as it sounds. This should be considered as a last resort. Other options to consider may be a holistic approach as mentioned in, .

The outlook for this very painful condition is good. Be sure you do plenty of research before you make any kind of decision, and first get checked out by a specialist to make sure you have Spondylolthesis. A well trained doctor after looking at your MRI, can tell immediately if you have this condition.