Sports Board Games

Board gamers and sports fanatics alike appreciate a good sports board game.

There are a variety of games to choose from and it is important to find the right one. First, settle on the sport you are looking for and then review the sampling of board games available for that sport.


There are more baseball board games than any other sports. Many baseball fans are also stat nerds to most of these board games focus on comparing sets of numbers and possibly using dice to determine the outcome of an at-bat or game.

There are baseball game options that are simple card games and others that feature entire boards and diamond layouts. I recommend finding the newest games since the older ones may not have current player cards and are often more arduous to play.


Most football board games throughout history are based on vibrating tabletop variations. Football board games are not as common as baseball board games but there are still some good ones to choose from. Look for the Decision Day Football Trading Card game; it is a fun game with good depth that allows you to build the perfect team within a salary cap.


There aren’t many new basketball board games made anymore but there are a few good ones from the past. Look for a similar model of trading card game like the football one. There is also a ZobMondo Entertainment Go Hoops basketball board game that uses a bunch of dice. Basketball is the hardest sport to replicate in board game fashion since it is played with such high speeds. For the big basketball and gaming fan, look for one of these older models for sure-fire fun.


The best table-top hockey games are those that are like foosball but with hockey players. You can find these used for cheap and even newer models aren’t too expensive. Some come with legs attached and others rest on tables. The luxury of the table-top hockey games is that they can store upright in a closet or on a shelf.

There is a board game for nearly any sport. Buy sports board games to satisfy the competitive drive without ever leaving the house.