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Sports Tourism – Revolutionizing the Game


As sports continue evolving, around the world this is creating an ‘economic’ buzz; the leaders in sports events organizing and advertising are making a killing. This is due to a concept now commonly referred to as sports tourism. Sports tourists often frequent overseas or interstate venues hosting their favorite sports. Due to their large numbers, the sports industry entrepreneurs have capitalized on this new yet limitless market. All the types of products going through your mind will all find a ready market here. It’s thus not a wonder when you turn on the news and watch as countries jostle each other for the opportunity to host international sports events.

Sports Tourism – Revolutionizing the Game
The economics involved are simply too tempting that these countries literally spend a fortune to amass an even bigger fortune.

With an influx of tourists, host countries make more in a day, or night, than they would over a week. Sports tourists have been known to spend on comfort and convenience, three times more than local sports enthusiasts. This is mainly because they engage in other tourist activities as opposed to just attending the sports events. They will tour the country, purchase goods and generally spend freely for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Sports tourists in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sidney, spent well over $500,000 in 2014 just to watch their favorite sport, cricket. Given that they were 50,000 English sports fans, their spending averages at $10,000 each.

Entrepreneurial ventures like Ticketgum are now capitalizing on diversifying the opportunities a sports fan can explore while enjoying that which they hold dear; feeling the roar in the sports arena when their teams clash with their arch-rivals. As such, organizations charged with putting together a foray of sporting events globally have to strategize carefully. They plan major clashes between prominent teams to draw out the largest crowds; chief of whom are sports tourists, accounting for approximately a quarter of the total fans attending global sporting events.

When tickets start auctioning at exorbitant prices, that is a clear indication that sports tourists will go to the ends of the earth just to follow their favorite teams where the action is. You can only imagine how much a host country’s economy will be boosted by such tourists willing to spend as much as it takes to get convenience and pristine treatment. Whenever international sports occur, the thousands of fans pouring in from all over the world create a media craze; this is very fertile ground for advertisements and entrepreneurs who have their sights trained on turning profits again and again.

At times, it’s not about being a passionate fan but rather getting hooked to an international event that enables you enjoy so much more than just sport. As it seems, sports tourism is here to stay; we might as well join the revolution but more importantly, discern what you’re in it for; the cash or the fun. If you can manage to have both, go ahead and do it! The growth in sports tourism can also be attributed to fantasy sports. The fantasy part of it is brought to life in the most epic clashes among prominent teams.

Sports tourism has to be acknowledged as a game changer in the tourism industry.

Sports Tourism – Revolutionizing the Game
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