Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

With everything becoming new again, should your makeup bag get recreate. Many women have the trouble that the contents of their makeup bag are old and out dated. Using cosmetics that are not in style any more is just one of the problems that doing this can have.

The truth is that makeup products have a shelf like that women are not aware of. Depending on how long the items in your purse have been there, they could be causing more harm then good to your skin.

How to Clean Up Your Makeup Bag

Step One

The first thing that you need to do is to empty all of the contents of your makeup bag onto a table. You need to be able to see what you actually gave to make sure that you are sorting everything out. There are many items that can get lost in the bottom that you will forget to purge.

Step Two

Any cosmetic item that has been in your possession for longer then a year must be thrown out. Many products actually have a shelf like of about 6 months. The year or longer threshold will take care of all of your items.

The thing to note is that it you truly use something and love it that you are tossing, then you want to write it down and replace it.

Step Three

Any item that you do not use on a regular basis in your makeup bag, get rid of it. This means that you no longer like the way that it looks on you or it went out of style. Either way, you do not want it taking up valuable space.

Step Four

Once you have purged all of the items that have gone bad and that are not being used comes the fun part. You can now go out and treat yourself to some new cosmetic products. There are many great new formulas and items coming out each month so you are sure to find some new favorites for your makeup bag. This might also be a great time to upgrade the way that you carry your cosmetics. A larger makeup bag can you even more room for all your beauty favorites.