Spring forward, yuck.

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Spring is something many people look forward to. The weather becomes nice and warm. The flowers and trees spring back to life. The children look forward from a visit from the Easter bunny and new outside toys. Just before spring, for people who observe daylight savings time, it is time to spring forward.

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There are many things I dislike about springing the clocks forward by one full hour. The biggest reason is the change in sleep pattern. Although people try to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time, the body doesn’t feel the same. The body knows that although the clock says 6:00 AM that it is really 5:00 AM and that you should still be sleeping. By the time the body gets use to this change it will almost be time to fall back again.

Changing the body’s sleep pattern leaves workers feeling tired. Tried workers will cause production to decrease. Therefore from a business stand point changing the time twice a year is a very bad for production. It used to be that the business could stay open later with the sunlight; however, in today’s world we don’t need sunlight to operate. Today’s world revolves around electricity and computer, so it really doesn’t matter if the sun is out or not for the business world.

The pattern of the sun used to matter for farmers, but now farmer do everything with big machinery that all has lights. During planting season, it is not uncommon to see a farmer still planting in the middle of the night.

There is one group of people in which the sunlight makes a large difference. The school children are much safer when they go to school in the daylight. When the time is changed to spring forward, children end up going to school in the dark which is not safe at all. Drivers have a harder time seeing children which can lead to disaster. Predators, man or animal, have an easier time attacking the children. For pure safety children should not have to go to school in the dark.

Some people argue back that they love the sun being out even longer during the summer time. However the cost on people’s health and children’s safety out weight this argument. Besides there are still lots of fun thing to do on a nice summer evening with the stars twinkling above and a nice camp fire. Plus school time over laps some of summer sunlight making it twice as hard for children to go to sleep for school.

Hopefully soon people will see that daylight saving times is outdated and no longer needed in today’s world. Daylight savings does not save on energy. People use even more energy because the have to wake up in the dark for school and work making that extra hour of saving energy from the sunlight unless.

Please no more daylight savings.

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Spring forward, yuck., Seekyt
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