Squeeze Blackheads – Should You Pop Them?

Are you wondering, should I squeeze my massive blackheads? I am here to tell you that squeezing blackheads is actually one of the worst things you can do. There are better, healthier and safer alternatives to popping them which I will discuss below.

What are Blackheads Definition

These are basically a widened hair follicle that appears on your skin filled with skin debris, bacteria, and oil called sebum. People who suffer from acne normally are more prone to getting them but many people can get them anyway.

Why Shouldn’t I Pop Blackheads?

If you have blackheads on your lips or on your nose, for instance, you should consider taking them out the right way.

– Popping them can cause a big scar on that area.

– You hands and nails have dirt on them and by putting your hands on your face and you possibly creating even more pimples and blackheads.

– You can actually cause an infection and redness if you do this.

So What Should I Do?

– I would suggest this dermatologist recommended remover which is listed above to the right. This will remove them safely and cause no damage or scarring to your skin.

– Another thing you need to do is wash your face several times a day with a good facial scrub designed to get them out. A good one should have beads and salicylic acid.

– Consider eating healthier, less greasy foods and try not to touch your face at all during the day when you might have dirt or oil on your hands.

– I like putting on a facial mask at night but that is optional. It is another way you can prevent them from coming up.

Possible Home Remedies for Blackhead Removal and Prevention

– Toothpaste. I’ve read that using it on your face may work for this.

– As a facemask you can mix avocado, yogurt and lime juice and leave for 20 min before rinsing. (Source: NaturalHomeRemedies.com).

– Check out some more tips on getting rid of massive blackheads.

Hopefully now you know that popping or squeezing blackheads isn’t good to do and you know the proper and safe way to remove them!