Squid Girl Comedy Anime Review

Squid Girl is a comedy anime based around a squid-like girl who wants to protect the ocean from humans. Her name is simply Squid Girl. She has the ability to control her ten tentacle hair and she has a huge obsession with eating shrimp. She surfaces in the first episode at a beach that has a beach house. After a failed attack in which she damages the building, she has to work the damages off by being a waitress. The owners of the beach house are teenagers Eiko and Chizuru, two sisters who end up becoming friends with Squid Girl. There are a variety of supporting characters as well. The supporting characters include quirky American scientists who work in Japan and Sanae, who is a girl that is attracted to Squid Girl. As Squid Girl continues to unsuccessfully take over the beach and make constant mistakes, comedy ensues.

The anime is fun, but it is very short with only 12 episodes. I do not mind the constant squid puns in the series, but I think that the puns are used way too much. They are constantly used by the titular character, in almost every sentence. Almost every common thing has one of them based around squids attached, such as ‘squidding around.’ The comedic situations are rampant in every episode, and they are a complete joy to watch. The main character being unfamiliar with how the surface world works for humans brings about many funny situations. Those activities include activities such as doorbell ditching and crying over an umbrella that is run over by a car. It was as if she lost an actual friend with how much she cried for the umbrella’s untimely demise. I actually felt kind of sorry for it. Each episode has three short segments.

There is a another season of 12 episodes, but the second season was never dubbed into English. However, that season can be viewed on the website Crunchyroll. The episodes are Japanese with English subtitles though. The first season is on DVD in two volumes and it can also be viewed on Netflix instant streaming in English.