Stag T-Shirts – Why They're So Awesome!

As humans, we really are a herd troupe; we hunt in packs, drink in packs and play sports in packs. Team spirit among friends, co-workers and families really helps to bond a group. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we all like to belong to a group. It is this affiliation that makes us feel at one with our humanity, sharing a common interest in something. No sooner have we finished with school uniforms and we are swapping them for the same office attire as our colleagues’ wear. On our stag nights, we really want to show the world who are cronies are and that we have a group of people to hang around with – and a great way of doing this is by wearing stag tshirts. They have almost become a social advertisement in the same way social networking sites give us currency on the internet!

Stand out – Not only do your individualised t-shirts set you apart from everyone else: they help identify you quickly should a member of your group become separated from you. Especially with many men opting to travel abroad for their stag parties, it is crucial to have this in case an accident happens and emergency services can be quickly alerted. In fact in some cases this has even helped to save lives, during the more boisterous of stag weekends.

Less Pressure – With so many decisions to make for your wedding outfit and so many investments to make: a stag t-shirt is much appreciated by guests who really have no idea what they should wear on the night in question. Also there is less spent than having to buy a new shirt and trousers as most will simply opt for a pair of denims they already have to wear with said t-shirt.

Conversation Point – It’s a great way for your friends to get chatting to some women in the bars you frequent. Obviously you won’t need to worry about this since you’ve already met your dream woman but you can always be offered a free drink or three depending on the generosity of the bar managers of course. Don’t be surprised if your friends change their plus one guest after this night.

Best Man – If you are the best man this would be a lovely gift to give the groom. Many would be very appreciative that you have taken the time to get this organized for them and as it is usually the best man’s chore to arrange the stag night, it seems only wise that you could also take care of this aspect too. You could also get some of the others to help you with design choices and funds.

Souvenir – It will also serve as a great souvenir from the night, especially if you are going overseas and you get the name of the country you are visiting printed as part of the overall design. Similar to memorabilia stock sold at concert venues, this is your very own personalised memorabilia of what could just be one of the best nights in your life. You may even be passing it down to your son one day when he has his own stag night!