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Stages Of Friendship

The word ”friend” has different meaning to every one of us. Therese people you like and share the same interests. If you don’t approve of them, they can’t be your friend. The Book of Proverbs talks about friendship. A man who wants a friend must first show himself friendly. You must be an honest and true friend to be a friend. There are different categories of friendship and it varies between each gender.

There are:

True friends: A true friend is dependable on for help during emergencies, stable, supportive and is unshakeable when things are hard for you – they are always around. They are friends you can really trust, you feel close to them. True friends are unique when you call them up for a big favor, they drop whatever they are doing no matter the hour to help you. If you have such a true friend, you are lucky. They are someone the Book Of Proverbs refer to as”a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” They show up when invited for a family party, they aid, help financially and support you emotionally. They are the ones that stay after everyone else is gone. They are the ones that know when you are having a tough go of things. They just stop by with a smile or just want to check if all is well with you. It would never occur to them to judge anything you do.

Best friend: A best friend is someone you tell your deepest secrets and they never betray you. They call to ask of you in good and bad times. You discuss intimate topics together and value your best friends opinions. Time and distance does not change nor affect your relationships. Thay are usually closer than your family members because they are a part of you. A best friend will tell you the truth, correct and give you sound counsel. They will invite you over for a meal, offer to borrow you things and never ask of it back, offer to pick you up at the airport and they will answer your call for help. They show an altruistic behaviour.
Boy-friends: We all have different opinions on the meaning of boy-friends. Guys can have the same gender as friends because they have a common interest. On the other hand, girls can have guys as friends -it might not necessarily be a romantic relationship. I have boys and men has friends but not a sexual type.
Girl-friends: High school aged friendships between girls can be very flighty – meaning one day you’re in, the next day you’re out. Some boys have girls as friends nothing intimate, where some engage in such a relationship for romance. Women or girls do have each other as friends,it’s usually not serious. I made such friendships in the university. We only helped each other in our learning process and communicated when our lecture timetable changed. After graduation, I have never heard from all I called my”girl-friends”. Everyone departed to their various destination in life.

Casual friends: these kind of friends don’t seem to care about you. They are not worried neither do they give a thought about you. Usually, they don’t stay long. I will refer to them as ”easy come easy go friends or soldier come and soldier go.”
Acquaintances – someone you work or spend time with: Your co-workers and business partners are your slight friends. They are not close to you. Your relationship with them is sort of business like – formal or official.
Follow me friends on the internet: they are not close to you. You have very limited data about their personal information and private life. All you see is their picture and nothing more. They are mostly on the internet forums where you chat and they can give you information on how to solve your problem.

Unfriendly friends: these kind of friends, I call them ” parasites”. They are suckers and all they want from you is to get something precious that they covet from you. They laugh, play, smile with you but they are hypocrites that have a hidden agenda. When things are rough for you, they come around as sympathisers but inwardly, they are happy you’re going through that challenge. In short, they don’t like you – they are pretentious friends-chameleons.

I heard someone say that the greatest poverty of all is loneliness. Without friends we will be lonely. In my opinion, a friend who is not in the relationship for personal gain is the best of friends.

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